Do you need high / very high spatial resolution commercial satellite imagery for your project? Maybe multi-temporal radar imagery? Or a digital elevation model over your study area at 3-meter spatial resolution?

Navigate our Geodata products and select what you need for your project!

Not only you have easy access to geodata as a one-time download or stored into the cloud, but also you can combine them with Software and Platforms in a single purchase!

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Multispectral Imagery

The best satellite imagery in different spatial, temporal and radiometric resolutions suitable for a huge variety of Earth Observation applications: from Agriculture to Urban apps, and from Forestry to Marine and Maritime sectors.

OneAtlas Living Library

Airbus Defence  & Space

Single access point to Pléiades and SPOT images, with multiple and flexible delivery ways via streaming, download or API.

  Starts from 1200€ / year

PlanetScope  Archive


Access and download 3 m resolution images from the PlanetScope Archive, with daily worldwide coverage since 2016.

   Starts from 4500€


Airbus Defence & Space

Take advantage of the identical Pléiades 1A and Pléiades 1B satellites, delivering 50 cm optical products with a daily revisit capacity!

   Starts from 250€

Hexagon Pixel Delivery


Leverage the largest database of temporally consistent, high resolution aerial imagery and elevation data of the U.S. and Europe.

  Starts from 86€

SPOT 6/7

Airbus Defence & Space

The ideal solution for country-wide, demanding applications, covering large areas in a single pass at resolutions up to 1.5m.

   Starts from 90€

SkySat Archive


Access to the full SkySat archive, with more than 10 million square kilometers captured since 2014.

   Starts from 4500€



Get a “high level” overview with the 5-meter resolution and long archive history back to 2009, and start visualizing larger areas over time.

   Starts from 4500€

Hexagon Streaming Service


The perfect base map for GIS and mapping professionals needing accuracy and currency at an affordable price.

   Starts from 645€

SkySat Flexible Tasking


Actionable insights at 50 cm resolution between 5-7 times a day to proactively identify blind spots, anticipate events, and have confidence in the decision making.

   Starts from 4500€

Elevation Datasets

Digital Elevation or Terrain Models at high resolution for hydrological applications, image orthorectification, or just relief mapping.


Airbus Defence & Space

Standardised, single-source, high-resolution DEM and DTM for any spot on earth at the same quality.  

  Starts from 300€

WorldDEM™ Streaming

Airbus Defence & Space

Global access to WorldDEM™  @12m and WorldDEM4Ortho @24m for relief map viewing and downloading at full resolution.

   Starts from 2500€ / year

Elevation 30

Airbus Defence & Space

Seamless and unique worldwide 3D geographic reference database for all global coverage needs at 6m vertical accuracy! 

   Starts from 1150€



Get instantly up to 1-meter resolution elevation data over US, France, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia and level-up your product!

  Starts from 500€



Access to a high quality digital terrain model (DTM) at 30 meters that preserves the terrain seamless, without gaps, with water areas flattened.

  Starts from 500€

Hexagon Pixel Delivery


Leverage the largest database of temporally consistent, high-resolution aerial imagery and elevation data of the U.S. and Europe.

  Starts from 86€

Elevation 8

Airbus Defence & Space

Get access to high resolution Digital Elevation and Terrain Models at 8m grid spacing and 3m vertical accuracy for large areas  in very little time.

  Starts from 8000€

Elevation 1

Airbus Defence & Space

Enhance your applications with an elevation data package at 1m grid spacing anywhere in the world, independent of relief and weather conditions.

  Starts from 5500€

Lido Surface Data NEXTView


Discover the world’s first high-resolution geospatial digital elevation model specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the aviation industry.

  Starts from 1000€

Elevation 4

Airbus Defence & Space

High precision digital elevation model at 4m spatial resolution.

  Starts from 2500€

NEXTMap World 10


Access seamless 10m resolution digital surface models and digital terrain models with worldwide coverage.

  Starts from 2150€

Radar Imagery

Synthetic Aperture Radar datasets ideal for defense applications, displacement monitoring on the Earth's surface, and Digital Elevation Model generation.


Airbus Defence & Space

One of the best commercially available radar solution up to 25cm for IMINT applications!

   Starts from 875 €

Data as a Service

Our Data as a Service offers a variety of high-quality geospatial datasets. With simplified and secured access, you can find the solution you need from raw raster / vector data, to curated thematic information and analytics.

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