Spire Global is a cutting-edge technology company that has revolutionized the field of weather forecasting with its innovative solutions. Among its many accomplishments, Spire Global’s weather business unit stands out for its pioneering advancements in weather data collection and analysis. 

One of the company’s most notable contributions to the meteorological industry is its novel use of Radio Occultation, a technique that has enabled the generation of highly accurate weather readings on a global scale. By harnessing signals from satellites as they pass through the Earth’s atmosphere, Spire Global has unlocked a wealth of valuable atmospheric data, allowing for more precise and timely weather forecasts. 

With its groundbreaking approach, Spire Global has solidified its position as a leader in weather technology, empowering industries and communities worldwide with actionable insights and reliable forecasts.  

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30+ years of historical weather data, available anywhere on the planet.

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Get frequently updated current weather conditions in high resolution (3km) anywhere in the world!

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Access reliable, high quality weather forecasts at your fingertips, gathered from Spire’s satellite constellation and enriched by AI-powered algorithms!

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Access to environmental data in unprecedented detail, from Earth’s surface to near-space.

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