Software & Platforms

In case you require access to geospatial software or 3rd-party platforms, we' ve got you covered! Our Software and Platform as a Service is a full-service development and deployment environment in the cloud. Just select the software or platform that you need for your project and leave the rest to us. 

Based on the selected solutions, pricing is tailored to your exact needs, including access duration and cloud infrastructure requirements.


Deliver meaningful insights effortlessly, from simple point features to sophisticated, customized applications!

OneAtlas Analytics

Airbus Defence & Space  

Leverage Airbus premium satellite imagery, AI, and cloud computing to extract actionable insights fast, automatically, in a cost-effective way.

   Starts from 1200€/year

NEXTMap Link Planning 


Quickly and efficiently identify obstructions penetrating the Fresnel zone or blocking the lines of sight between telecom towers.

   Starts from 168.07€/month

NEXTMap Viewshed 


Generate instantly 360° communications coverage maps, visibility, and obstruction analysis around any point on the globe based on Intermap’s NEXTMap elevation data.

   Starts from 148.72€/month

NEXTMap Profile 


Retrieve detailed terrain information anywhere in the world, with unlimited profiling distance.

   Starts from 185.58€/month

NEXTMap Value 


Get instantly precise elevation information at any point in the world, based on the highly accurate NEXTMap data sets from Intermap.

   Starts from 146.25€/month



Get near real-time vessel positions and predictions of up to 72 hours, ten times more accurate than other datasets!

   Starts from 3000€

Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds 


Start leveraging deep learning to identify roads, buildings, silo bags and well pads from Planet imagery on a global scale!

   Starts from 500€

Planet Monitoring Analytic Feeds 


Take advantage of the automated, cloud-based, and global-scale Planet Analytic Feeds for vessel and aircraft detection over your area of interest.

   Starts from 900€

Software as a Service

Access geospatial software as a Service, fully deployed and ready to use in the cloud - no local installation is required!

RegioGraph TeamConnect 

GfK GeoMarketing

The best team communication tool to start planning and optimizing your sales territories at street level based on competitor influences - no need for installation, all on the cloud.

   Starts from 5746€

Platform as a Service

Access geospatial platforms as a Service, ready to use online - all the set-up is performed by us.

Geo Insurance

GEO University

Access localized and agriculture adapted climatic variables and natural disasters risks anywhere on the planet from 1980.

   Starts from 2500



Create fully featured web maps in minutes, without writing a single line of code.

   Starts from 44€ / month

Sentinel Hub

Sentinel Hub

A powerful cloud-based data API that removes the complexity of processing large volumes of satellite data.

   Starts from 30€ / month



Risks and forecasting anywhere! Get advanced risk analytics anywhere on the planet via API directly into your workflows.

   Starts from 0

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