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Create fully featured web maps in minutes, without writing a single line of code!


starts from



  • 10 Maps 2GB Storage
  • Public maps and data portal
  • Share your maps publicly
  • Store data privately
  • Map visualizations (quantities, categories, bubble maps, heat maps, clusters)
  • Maps work on all mobiles and tablets
  • Map tools (print / search / query, etc.)


starts from



  • 20 Maps 4GB Storage
  • Everything included in Public plan
  • Basic password protection for maps
  • Data editing (attributes & geometry)
  • Raster and WMS Support
  • Add your company logo
  • Customize the interface, color scheme and layout
  • Use your own domain name


starts from



  • 40 Maps 8GB Storage
  • Everything included in Business plan
  • Share maps privately with colleagues and clients
  • Invite members as Private Viewers, Editors or Admins
  • Group based permissions for access control
  • Automated data updates with Data Sync
  • Remove all Mango branding from your maps
  • Maptiks and Google Analytics integrations


starts from



  • 100 Maps 16GB Storage
  • Everything included in Enterprise plan
  • Web map consultant from Mango Map (4 hours)
  • Google Analytics and Maptiks integration
  • Add maps beyond plan quota*
  • Use storage beyond plan quota*
  • *Contact for pricing


Create easily engaging map visualizations with no view limits, no coding, and no complex licensing.

Rapidly dive into your data with rule based queries to discover features of interest contained within your map, e.g. "Show me all properties that are within a thousand feet of the watershed hazard area", or draw shapes and add markers and text annotations, and save them as bookmarks for private or public viewing and share them with a click.


With Mango your maps can be accessed by anyone with a web browser. And no expensive or complex GIS systems are required. Mango supports a whole range of easy to configure visualizations right out of the box. The mango toolbox contains a wide range of geospatial tools that you can add according to the objective of your maps. Category maps, quantity maps, bubble maps, heat maps and cluster maps are supported. You can customize, strokes, fills, class breaks and labels all with only a few mouse clicks.

Additionally, with the Google Street View, now in situ inspections and crowd sourcing have never been easier! Add new features on-the-go or list all points of interest into your Mango web map and use the integrated MangoMap location services to access them from your mobile device.

Key features

Build map applications that integrate seamlessly with your workflows.

Create attractive interactive maps and share them with anyone, anywhere — on any device.

Invite users and assign viewing, administration, or editing rights for maps and data.

Complete control over data popups - embed rich content such as links, images, videos, and charts.

Easily add tools that allows users to uncover the answers they need.

Full brand integration - your logo, your color scheme, your domain name.

Key applications


Site selection process

Locating construction and building alteration

Real-time navigation to points of interest

Mapping of crop parcels

Geotagging farmland to specific farmers

Identification of fraud insurance claims


Map slider with forest cover loss/gain

Mapping of forest density

Distribution of animal species


Mango supports the following spatial formats:

  • Shapefile

  • MapInfo

  • TAB

  • KML

  • CSV

  • GeoJSON

  • File Geodatabase

  • Raster GeoTIFF

  • WMS (v1.3 EPSG:3857 only)

Mango uses a range of base maps, sourced from the following third party providers:

  • OpenStreetMap: © OpenStreetMap contributors. Data by OpenStreetMap, under ODbL.

  • Light: © OpenStreetMap contributors. © Carto

  • Bing Map Streets, Hybrid, Satellite: © 2013 Microsoft Terms of Use

  • Toner, Toner Light, Terrain: Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under ODbL

  • Watercolor: Map tiles by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0. Data by OpenStreetMap, under CC BY SA

Mango uses Amazon Web Services for all infrastructure. Map tiles generated from your data are served by a fast content delivery network with worldwide distribution points to maximise delivery speeds — no matter where your map users are located. 

Mango has a web client application that allows for intuitive and fast map interaction. At present the following tools and features are not available on mobile:

  • Sketch

  • Bookmark

  • Mouseover highlight

  • Print

  • Information sidebar

  • Clustered pushpins

Mango is supported on the following Android and iOS browsers

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Android WebView

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Specifications for Mango

General Info
Service Option​s Public or Business or Enterprise or Agency
Subscription Period 1 month or 12 months
Service Provider​ MangoMap
Thematic Information Web GIS; Mapping
Features​ Provided Analytics intergration; Customization & Branding; Data Management; Vizualizations; Map tools
Access Mode​ Web app
Pricing Options Subscription
Pricing​ Per month; per year
Free Trial 30-day
Delivery Time​ 1 business day after payment
Compatible products Standalone; Geodata
Geodata Specs
Data Format​ CSV; Shapefile;MapInfo TAB; KML; GeoJSON; File Geodatabase; GeoTIFF; WMS (v1.3 EPSG:3857 only)