We support personal and professional development available for all people in the geospatial industry. Whether you are an employer, a team leader or a professional in your field, take advantage of the offered online courses towards greater geospatial awareness and growth.

Topics ranging from the theoretical background on GIS and Earth Observation to more advanced geo applications and concepts are included in our e-Learning as a Service. All courses are self-paced and come with a Certificate of Completion.

Software tutorials are also available as online courses, so if you need to train your team or colleagues on a specific software, this is the quickest way to do so!

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GEO Premium

GEO University
A huge variety of courses, tools and data to start learning and advance your skills in Earth Observation, GIS and Satellite Remote Sensing. Get instant access with more than 8000 minutes of learning content.

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Earth Observation

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Software Tutorials

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