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Provided by GEO University

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A huge variety of courses, tools and data to start learning and advance your skills in GIS, Earth Observation, Satellite Remote Sensing and Space. Get instant access with more than 8000 minutes of learning content!

1 month


  • Access to all GEO University online courses
  • On-demand renewal

1 year


  • Access to all GEO University online courses
  • On-demand renewal

Lifetime access


  • Access to all GEO University online courses
  • One-time purchase

GEO Premium

Get access to not only courses, but also the tools you need to start your education path in geospatial technologies and concepts. With a GEO Premium subscription, you can participate in more than 70 online courses on Earth Observation, GIS and Space Applications, and receive credit with certificates of participation for each one. All instructors are professionals or academics experts in the courses they teach. Since the courses are offered online, you can start and stop at any time, and learn at your own pace from anywhere!


The courses are even easier to follow along on your infrastructure. Along with the access to the courses, you will be provided with a virtual machine (VM) that includes some of the most common open-source software related to geospatial applications. It is oriented only for educational purposes and it is provided along with the GEO Premium subscription, so that the student can have all the required software for the online courses’ follow-up.

Key features

Access to more than 70 online courses on Earth Observation and GIS.

After the successful completion of each course, you can claim your Certificate of Completion with no extra cost.

Online and always accessible.

14 days FREE CloudSigma cloud resources.

3 months free access to Sinergise's Sentinel Hub platform.

Linux Virtual Machine  with pre-installed open source software to be used along with the online courses.

Key applications

Train your company

Train newest members

Stay updated on GIS applications, Remote Sensing techniques and Space technologies

Research & Academia

Fill in knowledge gaps

Continuing education on GIS applications, Remote Sensing algorithms and techniques and Space technologies


Currently, you can have access through GEO Premium in the following courses:

  • A Machine learning approach for Object Parameter Estimation and Discrimination

  • Analysing Earth Observation Data Using Open Source Tools

  • Applied Programming & GIS Analysis Using ArcPy

  • Beginner course into Java concepts

  • Beginners Guide to Model Builder for Big data processing

  • Cartographic Design in QGIS

  • Corso base di Telerilevamento

  • Course on the basics of using Python in ArcGIS Pro

  • Course on using ArcGIS for hydrology

  • Digital Image Processing with OpenCV in Python

  • Earth Observation and GIS to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

  • Elaborazione avanzata di dati satellitari



  • ERDAS Imagine Fast Track Online Training Course

  • ESA Sentinel Application Platform Tutorial

  • Geospatial Analysis for Urban Applications with GIS and a bit of Python

  • GIS-Based Landslide Susceptibility Modelling

  • Glacier Mapping using Earth Observation Satellites

  • Google Earth Engine Training For Earth Observation (EO) Applications

  • Hyperspectral Image Analysis and Processing with ENVI Software

  • Hyperspectral Image Classification with Orfeo Toolbox 

  • Hyperspectral Imaging Application: Oil Spill Mapping 

  • Introduction to cloudeo's geospatial solutions

  • Introduction to GeoServer

  • Introduction to geospatial data visualization

  • Introduction to LaTeX

  • Introduction to Launch Vehicles and Propulsion Systems is 9% complete.

  • Introduction to Maps in Folium and Python

  • Introduction to Maps in R Shiny and Leaflet

  • Introduction to Remote Sensing

  • Introduction to Spatial Analysis in ArcGIS

  • Introduction to UAV mapping

  • Learn basic of world’s best GIS platform ESRI ArcGIS 10.x

  • Learn GIS with your personal virtual instructor

  • Learn Hyperspectral Remote Sensing from the Scratch

  • Learn the basics of Python and use it in ArcGIS

  • Learn the basics of QGIS

  • Learn the basics of QGIS platform

  • Learn the basics of Remote Sensing in ArcGIS

  • Learn the FOSS4g Stack: Enterprise GIS w/ PostgreSQL/PostGIS

  • Learn the FOSS4g Stack: Internet Mapping with Geoserver

  • Learn the FOSS4g Stack: Python Geospatial

  • Learn the FOSS4g Stack: QGIS 3 Desktop

  • Learn the FOSS4g Stack: Spatial SQL with PostgreSQL/PostGIS

  • Learn to classify Landsat 8 data in QGIS

  • Learn webGIS and ArcPy

  • Location Allocation Model on facilities for urban planning with ArcGIS 10.x

  • Machine Learning for Predictive Maps in Python and Leaflet

  • Massive Earth Observation Data Processing with the Sentinel-Hub Platform

  • Modeling the flow of the water in a surface

  • Multispectral Earth Observation Applications using ESA Sentinel Application Platform

  • Orthomosaic map generation using Agisoft Metashape - Photoscan

  • Overview of LiDAR; system variations, data interpretation & applications

  • Planning a Site Suitability Analysis for a New Wind Farm with ArcGIS 10.x

  • Pre-processing dei dati satellitari

  • Python Geospatial Development

  • Python Spatial Analysis ArcGIS

  • Remote Sensing and Satellite Image Processing with the EOS Platform

  • Sentinel Hub Webinar Series

  • Smart Map In Python Tutorial

  • Spatial Data Analysis with ArcGIS Desktop

  • Spatial Data Visualization and Machine Learning in Python

  • The ENVI image analysis software tutorial

  • The Network Based Method Spectral Unmixing Framework

  • Tutorial Básico do QGIS

  • Tutorial on CloudSigma online platform

  • Web Scraping and Mapping Dam Levels in Python

  • Wildfires risk mapping with satellite soil moisture and vegetable activity data

No, we will not re-charge you if you purchase the 1 month package. When your 1 month subscription is ending, we will notify you in order to manually renew your subscription.

No, we will not re-charge you if you purchase the 1 Year package. When your 1 Year subscription is ending, we will notify you in order to manually renew your subscription.

You get access to GEO Premium for ever! You pay once and you get access to all our content and their updates for ever.

No. Your certificates of completion remain active even if your subscription is expired.

No. By the time you perform the payment your package will be active for the corresponding period of time (1 month, 1 year or lifetime).

You can find the step-by-step instructions in this link, as provided by GEO University.

The pre-installed software included in GEO University VM are:

  • QGIS


  • ESA's SNAP toolbox

  • R and R-Studio

  • Spyder (Python 3.x)

  • Geoserver

  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS

Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of GEO University apply.

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Specifications for GEO Premium

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