Airbus Defence and Space

The Intelligence Programme Line of Airbus Defence and Space is recognised as a world leader in geospatial data provision and defence intelligence. It is a global supplier of commercial satellite imagery. Based upon proprietary commercial access to the Pléiades, SPOT, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X optical and radar satellites, combined with comprehensive applications experience, Airbus Defence and Space delivers a broad product and services portfolio spanning the entire geo-information value chain.

With more than 30 years of experience in data acquisition, processing, data management and hosting, Airbus Intelligence delivers sustainable solutions that deliver exactly the customers' needs, when and where they need them - across a comprehensive range of markets, addressing defence & security, commercial and civil institutional customers.

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Pléiades Neo
The best of very-high resolution optical imagery for an unprecedented level of geospatial services, delivering 30 cm optical products with a daily revisit capacity.

  Starts from 450€

WorldDEM™ Neo

Spatial resolution at 5m and up-to-date, fresh data acquisitions (2017-2021), combined with high quality and accuracy from the well-established WorldDEM.

   Starts from 900€


Access and download 3 m resolution images from the PlanetScope Archive, with daily worldwide coverage since 2016.

   Starts from 875€

OneAtlas Living Library

Single access point to Pléiades and SPOT images, with multiple and flexible delivery ways via streaming, download or API.

   Starts from 1200€ / year

Take advantage of the identical Pléiades 1A and Pléiades 1B satellites, delivering 50 cm optical products with a daily revisit capacity!

  Starts from 250€

 SPOT 6/7 

The ideal solution for country-wide, demanding applications, covering large areas in a single pass at resolutions up to 1.5m.

   Starts from 90€

 OneAtlas Analytics 

Leverage Airbus premium satellite imagery, AI, and cloud computing to extract actionable insights fast, automatically, in a cost-effective way.

   Starts from 1200€ / year


Standardised, single-source, high-resolution DEM and DTM for any spot on earth at the same quality. 

   Starts from 500€

 Elevation 1 

Enhance your applications with an elevation data package at 1m grid spacing anywhere in the world, independent of relief and weather conditions.

   Starts from 5500€

 Elevation 4  

High precision digital elevation model at 4m spatial resolution.

   Starts from 2500€

Elevation 8                   

Get access to high resolution Digital Elevation and Terrain Models at 8m grid spacing and 3m vertical accuracy for large areas  in very little time.

   Starts from 8000€

Elevation 30 

Seamless and unique worldwide 3D geographic reference database for all global coverage needs at 6m vertical accuracy! 

   Starts from 1150€