OneAtlas Living Library
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Provided by Airbus Defence & Space

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Single access point to Pléiades (50cm) and SPOT (1.5m) images, with multiple and flexible delivery ways through streaming, download or API.



  • 1 GB streaming
  • No data download



  • 4 GB streaming
  • Download in multiple formats


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  • 10 GB streaming
  • Download in multiple formats


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  • 30 GB streaming
  • Download in multiple formats

OneAtlas Living Library

OneAtlas is a unique collaborative environment to easily access premium imagery, perform large-scale image processing, extract industry-specific insights, and benefit from Airbus assets to develop your solutions. OneAtlas Living Library, part of the OneAtlas platform, is the quick and easy access mode to premium Airbus high resolution satellite imagery, in multiple streaming and download formats.

Living Library is available through OneAtlas web user interface or directly through APIs to synchronize it with your favorite GIS solution.


Airbus' multi-resolution optical archive, updated daily, currently hosts more than three years of 0.5m and 1.5m imagery globally and more than five years over 3,000 metropolitan areas in the world. Available formats are WMTS and WMS. Catalogue Search, View through Streaming and Download capabilities are provided.  The access to the OneAtlas Living Library data is available through a usage-based yearly subscription model.

Custom packages are also available, please contact us.

Key features

Quick access to SPOT 6/7 and Pléiades imagery.

API to synchronize with any GIS platform.

Usage-based yearly subscription models.

Multi-resolution optical archive.

Daily basis update.

OGC compliancy.

Key applications


Forest tree health monitoring

Burnt forest mapping 

Number of trees per unit area (density)


Monitor construction sites

Creating a base map for visual reference

Site selection process

Determine crop damage and crop progress  

Drought Monitoring

Crop health analysis


 SPOT 6/7 offer high resolution imagery over broad areas in a single pass at resolutions up to 1.5m. Such precise coverage is ideal for applications at national and regional scales from 1:250,000 to 1:15,000. SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 operate in an 180-degree phased orbit, allowing for daily revisit anywhere on Earth.

The Pléiades 1A and Pléiades 1B satellites deliver 50cm imagery products with a 20km swath, offering daily revisit capacity anywhere on the globe.

Airbus offers a pretty cool tool to answer this question! Visit it here.

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Specifications for OneAtlas Living Library

General Info
Service Option​s Discover or Starter
Service Provider​ Airbus Defence and Space
Thematic Information Monitoring areas of interest; Satellite imagery analysis; Map creation and updates; Machine Learning; Emergency response
Access Mode​ WMTS; WCS; API
Pricing Options Subscription
Pricing​ Per km²
Subscription Period 12 months
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
Compatible products Standalone
Geodata Specs
Mission Pleiades; SPOT 6/7
Data Processing Level Ortho
Data Format​ Multiple formats
Spectral Bands PAN; RGB; NIR
Spatial Resolution​ 0.5m (Pleiades); 1.5m (SPOT)
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage Since 2016; since 2013 (metro)
Temporal Resolution Daily