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Risks and forecasting anywhere! Get advanced risk analytics anywhere on the planet via API directly into your workflows.




Billed annually

  • Trainee features plus:
  • Access to 2 risk data layers
  • Email support
  • Commercial use
  • 10000 API Requests / month
  • 1€ per 1000 extra requests / month
  • From 10€ per extra data layer / month
  • CC Attribution 4.0 International


Billed annually

  • Pilot features plus:
  • Access to 10 risk data layers
  • Priority email support
  • Commercial use
  • 50000 API Requests / month
  • 0.7€ per 1000 extra requests / month
  • From 10€ per extra data layer / month
  • CC Attribution 4.0 International


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Custom subscription

  • Astronaut features plus:
  • Premium support
  • Individual license
  • Custom API Request quota
  • Custom integration services
  • Custom API domain
  • Quote & Flexible invoicing

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Improve the automated calculations and workflows of your organization by gaining access to vast quantities of complicated climate and risk data gathered from numerous sources.

Reduce the chance of errors by enabling smooth data flow with the seamless integration of answr via API.

For the purpose of developing strategies, boosting long-term resilience, and improving company decisions, obtain in-depth risk knowledge and advanced analytics.

Gain an operational advantage with the help of more than 45 indicators compiled from more than 40 years' worth of complicated geospatial and meteorological data that have been processed.

Gain a competitive edge with accurate data that is used to reduce the worldwide impact of the climate crisis.

Take better decisions and manage your assets by utilizing our API-based global climatic and risk data layers to create new risk models or improve your current ones.

With the answr web application, you can manage your existing subscription plan, book additional requests, and track the consumption of your API queries from any location and device.

Data Processing Level
L4 Modeled output or variables derived from multiple measurements

Spatial Coverage


Temporal Coverage

Since 1978 (40+ years of historical data)
Data sources
- Sentinel-1
- Sentinel-2
- Sentinel-3
- Landsat 8
- Landsat 9
- Global Surface Water
- Flood Hazard Maps at European and Global Scale
- AgERA5
- Soil moisture
Climatic Analytics
- cloud cover
- consecutive dry days
- consecutive frost days
- consecutive summer days
- consecutive wet days
- dew point temperature
- frost days
- heating days
- ice days
- maximum temperature
- mean temperature
- minimum temperature
- precipitation days (10mm)
- precipitation days (20mm)
- precipitation days (50mm)
- precipitation flux
- snow thickness
- solar radiation
- volumetric soil moisture
- Köppen–Geiger Zones
- Universal Thermal Climate Index
Natural Disasters
- Cold wave probability
- Drought probability
- Flood severity
- Heat wave probability
- Windstorm probability
- Wildfire probability
- Extreme heat probability
- Extreme cold probability
Integrations- Zapier
- Make (formely Integromat)
Access Mode
Web app, API

Key features

More than 40 years of historical Earth observation data that has been analyzed to create reliable models

Combination of satellite, meteorological, and other geospatial data downscaled to point-level for delivering localized underwriting information

Continuous data management and updates for ensuring rapid access to high-quality data

Seamless integration in any ERP, asset management, GIS platforms, and other applications via API

Available for every natural disaster including drought, cold wave, heat wave, flood, windstorm, wildfires, and more

Information localized down to a single parcel for every crop type

Key applications


Enhance underwriting decisions

Improve ESG or climate-related (TCFD) risk management

Disaster risk management (DRM) and mitigation


Vulnerability mapping for regions and crop types

Efficient planning of CAP subsidies adjustments

Enhance existing agricultural disaster risk management models


Improved risk analysis and vulnerability assessments

Regional disaster risk estimation for budgeting mechanism assessments

Predict and reduce financial impact of a potential disaster

Climate Tech

Enhance understanding of the climate on both local and global scale

Contribute to the adaption of climate change impacts

Assess potential impact of natural disasters on biodiversity

Real Estate

Property risk exposure estimation on climate and natural disasters

Improve understanding of the property investment time horizon

Identification of most impactful hazards


Solar panel and wind turbine underperformance risk estimation

Adaptation of heating and cooling systems based on climate data

Understand regional impacts and modify energy performance goals


Yes. If you require a different data access mode, we can provide you with a custom solution adapted to your needs under the Commander option.

Yes! By choosing the Trainee subscription, you get access to all climatic variables for free!

Every time you make an API call, it counts as one request. Each subscription plan has a monthly request limit. If you reach the request limit within the month, the exceeding requests will be blocked.

If you are on the free Trainee plan, you would need to upgrade to one of the paid plans Pilot, Astronaut, or Commander. All paid plans give the option for purchasing additional monthly requests.

You can any time check your requests and get analytics through your consumption dashboard in the answr web app.

You can access the answr documentation here.

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your current plan at any time within the answr web application under the billing section. Please note that for Commander plans, you would need to contact us.

Only the Commander plan allows the reselling of answr services. Please contact us for more information.

The EULA of answr is under the authority of cloudeo and can be found here.

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Specifications for answr

General Info
Service Provider​ cloudeo
Thematic Information Insurance; Agriculture; Renewable Energy; Real Estate; Infrastructure; Governments; Climate Tech
Features​ Provided Climatic analytics; Natural disaster data layers
Access Mode​ Web app; API
Pricing Options Subscription
Pricing​ Per package with add-on layers and requests
Subscription Period Per month; per year
Free Trial Trainee package
Delivery Time​ 1 business day excl. Commander
Compatible products Standalone
Geodata Specs
Data Processing Level L4 Modeled output or variables derived from multiple measurements
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage SInce 1978
Temporal Resolution Daily; Monthly; Yearly; All time