Intermap Technologies

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Intermap Technologies® is an industry leader serving a diverse geospatial marketplace. Intermap is always building new solutions and its growing geospatial library powers AI-driven algorithms, making each new solution faster, more affordable, and richer in information. Intermap distributes products and solutions globally, with simple and lightweight architecture, through the cloud, or behind a firewall.

Whether the requirements are for better terrain awareness, change detection, feature extraction, foundation mapping, or predictive analytics, customers on every continent can leverage Intermap's architecture to maximize their geospatial investment. Intermap’s vertically integrated products, solutions, and software simplify many large-scale terrain data challenges and make the solutions accessible to non-expert users.


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NEXTMap Link Planning 
Quickly and efficiently identify obstructions penetrating the Fresnel zone or blocking the lines of sight between telecom towers.

  Starts from 168.07€/ month

NEXTMap Profile 

Retrieve detailed terrain information anywhere in the world, with unlimited profiling distance.

   Starts from 185.58€/ month

NEXTMap Viewshed 

Generate instantly 360° communications coverage maps, visibility, and obstruction analysis around any point on the globe based on Intermap’s NEXTMap elevation data.

   Starts from 148.72€/ month

NEXTMap Value 

Get instantly precise elevation information at any point in the world, based on the highly accurate NEXTMap data sets from Intermap.

   Starts from 146.25€/ month

Get instantly up to 1-meter resolution elevation data over US, France, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia and level-up your product!

  Starts from 500€

NEXTMap World 10

Access seamless 10m resolution digital surface models and digital terrain models with worldwide coverage.

   Starts from 2150€

Lido Surface Data NEXTView

Discover the world’s first high-resolution geospatial digital elevation model specifically designed to fulfill the needs of the aviation industry.

   Starts from 1000€