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From 2150€

From 2150€

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Provided by Intermap

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Access seamless 10m resolution digital surface models and digital terrain models with worldwide coverage.

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NEXTMap World 10

NEXTMap World 10 offers worldwide coverage with 100% inclusion of the Earth’s entire 150 million square kilometers for comprehensive analysis. Obtain DTMs with vegetation, buildings, bare earth, and other features digitally removed for any location in the world.

With Intermap’s new Terrain Filter and Frequency Fusion technologies, NEXTMap World 10 is the best global DSM within the NEXTMap product line. This DEM reveals terrain features that are not distinguishable in competitive digital elevation products, and it fills the voids and corrects the errors inherent in publicly available data for seamless coverage.

NEXTMap World 10 offers considerable improvements over other DEMs, including reduced noise in the DSM, enhanced terrain features, and tight integration of all datasets within the fusion process. Create your own dataset and predefined elevation data with high resolution.

Consultants and engineering companies need a reliable DEM for their planning projects. At 10-meter resolution, even easy-to-miss features like roadways and dried riverbeds can be detected in the terrain. For projects that include remote regions north of 60 degrees latitude, World 10 offers world elevation map an unmatched solution.

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Key features

10m LE95 vertical accuracy

Seamless Global Coverage

Digital Terrain Model for any location in the world (with no vegetation, buildings, and other features above the surface)

Flattened water body surfaces between North 60 degrees and South 56 degrees

Utilization of global LiDAR for vertical control

Full utilization of patent pending Terrain Filter and Frequency Fusion technologies

Key applications


Orthorectifying higher resolution photos

Analyzing roads' condition

Generating elevation model at regional level


Line of Sight

Microwave link planning

Rendering of 3D visualizations


Measuring forest cover area

Detecting forest roads

Estimating canopy density


NEXTMap World 10 data are delivered in:

  • Geographic projection

  • WGS84 horizontal datum

  • EGM96 geoid

Each NEXTMap World 10 tile covers an area of 1°x1°, with a file size of ~445MB.

Data are provided as 32 bit floating point elevations, with oceans and water surfaces set to 0 meter.

Custom data formats and projections available upon request.

The EULA of NEXTMap World 10 is under the authority of Intermap and can be found here.

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Specifications for NEXTMap World 10

General Info
Service Provider​ Intermap
Thematic Information Surface elevation; Terrain elevation
Service Option​s DTM; DSM
Access Mode​ File transfer; API; Streaming
Pricing Options Pre-paid
Pricing​ Per km²
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
Geodata Specs
Mission NEXTMap
Sensor & Data Products DTM; DSM
Data Format​ GeoTIFF
Spatial Resolution​ 10m
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage Since 2005
Accuracy 10m LE95