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From 4500€

From 4500€

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Actionable insights at 50 cm resolution between 5-7 times a day to proactively identify blind spots, anticipate events, and have confidence in the decision making.

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SkySat Flexible Tasking

With SkySat Flexible Tasking, customers can purchase capacity for multiple images upfront to schedule ahead or task on-the-fly imagery over their region of interest.

Planet’s fleet of 15 SkySats provides customers faster revisit, lower latency, and higher prioritization to enable rapid content acquisition and intelligence. Skysat tasking features very high resolution imaging at 50 cm for Ortho scenes and 65 cm for Basic scenes, rapid response and delivery, and a high revisit with collections as frequent as twice-daily on request.

About Planet's Tasking Dashboard

With Flexible Tasking, you can access the data you need, when you need it. The easy-to-use Tasking interface is accessible from anywhere, and allows you to autonomously submit, modify, and cancel satellite imagery requests online. The process is automated, and provides you with near real-time updates from order to fulfillment. When the order is completed, the assets are delivered directly to you through Planet’s powerful, cloud-based infrastructure.

Please note the minimum order of €4,500.00.

About SkySat imagery

Find in the table below some more details about the SkySat product specifications that are essential for your order.

Processing level
Basic Scene (L1)
Ortho Scene (L3)


Unorthorectified, radiometrically corrected, multispectral BGRN*Orthorectified, multispectral BGRN*. Radiometric corrections applied to correct for any sensor
artifacts and transformation to top-of-atmosphere radiance

Analytic DN

Unorthorectified, multispectral BGRN* Orthorectified, multispectral BGRN*, uncalibrated digital number imagery product.
Radiometric corrections applied to correct for any sensor artifacts
PanchromaticUnorthorectified and radiometrically corrected panchromatic (PAN)Orthorectified and radiometrically corrected panchromatic (PAN)
Panchromatic DNUnorthorectified panchromatic (PAN) Orthorectified, panchromatic (PAN), uncalibrated digital number imagery product
L1A Panchromatic DN<10 m Unorthorectified, pre-super resolution, panchromatic (PAN) -
Visual-Orthorectified, pansharpened, and color-corrected (using a color curve) 3-band RGB Imagery
Pansharpened Multispectral-Orthorectified, pansharpened 4-band BGRN* Imagery

*BRGN: Blue-Green-Red-Near Infrared (4 bands)

Standard allowable cloud cover is 15%. Maximum cloud coverage is also available at 5% and 10% as an extra cost.  Collection area, time period, and other specifications subject to feasibility. For stereo pairs or tri-stereo imagery, please specify in the Remarks box.

And some general info for the SkySat constellation:

SkySat-1: November 21, 2013
SkySat-2: July 8, 2014
SkySat-3: June 22, 2016
SkySat-4,5,6,7: September 16, 2016
SkySat-8,9,10,11,12,13: October 31, 2017
SkySat-14,15: December 3, 2018
SkySat-16,17,18: June 13, 2020
SkySat-19,20,21: August 18, 2020


Skysat 1-15: Sun-synchronous
Skysat 16-21: inclined, non sun-synchronous

Spectral bands

Pan: 450 - 900 nm
Blue: 450 - 515 nm  
Green: 515 - 595 nm  
Red: 605 - 695 nm  
NIR: 740 - 900 nm
Spatial resolution0.5m (resampled)
Radiometric resolution- Visual: 8 bit
- Analytic, panchromatic, and
pansharpened multispectral: 16 bit
Geometric precision<10 m RMSE
Revisit timeDaily

Key features

Enhanced 50 cm spatial resolution images

API to synchronize within existing workflows

300 million+ square kilometers of imagery collected daily

Actionable insights between 5-7 times per day

Cloud-based dashboard makes Tasking simple and possible anywhere

Delivery in less than three hours from capture

Key applications


Assessment of crop damage and crop progress

Drought Monitoring

Continuous crop yield modelling and estimation


Prevention of illegal and unpermitted forest clearing

Timber harvest optimization

Monitoring and management of forest health


Oil spill mapping and position forecasting

Coastline monitoring

Shallow waters bathymetry


The SkySat L1 Basic Scene product is a Scaled Top of Atmosphere Radiance (at sensor) and sensor corrected product, without correction for any geometric distortions inherent in the imaging processes and is not mapped to a cartographic projection. The imagery data is accompanied by Rational Polynomial Coefficients (RPCs) to enable orthorectification by the user. This kind of product is designed for users with advanced image processing and geometric correction capabilities.

The SkySat L3 Ortho Scene product is radiometrically-, sensor- and geometrically- corrected and is projected to a cartographic map projection. The geometric correction uses fine Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) with a post spacing of between 30 and 90 meters.

SkySat imagery is published within less than 10 hours of collection, or less than 3 hours with express delivery on request.

Yes. Planet’s extensive SkySat archive is available at 50 cm spatial resolution for images collected on or after June 30, 2020, and at 72 cm spatial resolution for images collected before June 30, 2020. The SkySat image archive dates back to 2014.
SkySat imagery can be tasked multiple times per day depending on the geography. Please contact us for a feasibility study to learn more about Tasking for your area of interest.

Pricing depends on a variety of factors, including area of interest, time of interest, and the number of collects needed.

Minimum area of interest is 25km², with at least 2km in one direction.

The minimum order for SkySat Flexible Tasking is €4,500.

In case more than one AOI is required, please contact us for a custom order tailored to your needs.

The EULA of SkySat Flexible Tasking is under the authority of Planet Labs and can be found here.

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Specifications for SkySat Flexible Tasking

General Info
Service Provider​ Planet
Thematic Information Multispectral Satellite Imagery
Service Option​s Analytic (L1, L3); Analytic DN (L1, L3; PAN (L1, L3); PAN DN (L1, L3); PAN DN (L1A); Visual (L3); PAN MS (L3)
Access Mode​ Tasking Dashboard; Tasking API; File Transfer
Pricing Options Pre-paid
Pricing​ Per km²
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
Geodata Specs
Mission SkySat
Sensor & Data Products HR MSI
Data Processing Level Basic Scene (L2B); Ortho Scene (L3B); Ortho Tile (L3)
Data Format​ GeoTIFF
Spectral Bands PAN; RGB; NIR
Spatial Resolution​ 0.5m PAN; 1m MS
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage Since 2016
Temporal Resolution Sub-daily
Accuracy <50 m (Basic) and <10 m (Ortho) RMSE