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Get frequently updated current weather conditions in high resolution (3km) anywhere in the world!

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                Current Weather API

                Spire’s Current Weather API is a powerful tool that provides real-time access to accurate and up-to-date weather data collected from space. Designed to meet the needs of developers, businesses, and researchers, this API offers a comprehensive range of current weather information for any desired location.

                With Spire’s advanced satellite constellation and data processing capabilities, users can retrieve data points such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, precipitation, and more, enabling them to obtain timely and precise weather updates. The Current Weather API empowers users to integrate live weather data into their applications, services, or analysis, facilitating informed decision-making and enhancing the user experience with real-time weather information.

                Some general information for Spire's Current Weather API variables:


                Current weather variables

                Dew point Temperature
                Relative Humidity
                Wind Speed & Direction
                Wind Gust Speed
                Mean sea-level pressure
                Precipitation rate
                Incoming Shortwave Radiation
                Precipitation Type
                Effective cloud cover

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                Key features

                Over 20,000 high-resolution weather data readings per day

                Uninterrupted global coverage 

                Collected from Spire's constellation of 100+ satellites

                Current weather conditions at 3km

                Out-of-the-box compatibility with various programming languages, frameworks, and platforms

                Reliable and accurate weather data ready for AI/ML purposes

                Key applications


                Crop Yield Analysis

                Risk Assessment and Insurance

                Climate Change Studies


                Voyage Optimization and Vessel Performance

                Port Operations and Planning

                Climate and Environmental Research


                Planning and Design

                Risk Assessment and Resilience Planning

                Maintenance and Asset Management


                A current weather API is an application programming interface that allows developers to access and retrieve current weather conditions data programmatically. It provides up-to-date and accurate weather estimated conditions for specific locations, enabling integration of weather conditions into various applications, websites, and services.

                Current weather APIs offer a wide range of data, including current conditions, hourly forecasts, daily forecasts, extended forecasts, weather alerts, radar and satellite imagery, wind speed, precipitation chances, and more. The specific data available may vary depending on the API provider.

                The update frequency of current weather data depends on the API provider and the type of current data being offered. Most APIs provide frequent updates, ranging from hourly updates for short-term forecasts to daily or longer updates for extended forecasts.

                The accuracy of current weather APIs depends on the data sources, models, and algorithms used by the API provider. Spire uses advanced numerical weather prediction models, ensemble forecasts, and the assimilation of multiple data sources to improve accuracy. It’s important to check Spire’s documentation or user reviews to understand the level of accuracy offered.

                Most current weather APIs offer global coverage, allowing users to retrieve weather forecasts for virtually any location on Earth. However, it’s essential to verify that the desired location is supported by checking Spire’s API documentation.

                API providers may have usage limits or pricing structures based on factors such as the number of requests made, the amount of data retrieved, or the level of service required (e.g., free tier, paid subscription). It’s crucial to review Spire’s pricing and usage policies to understand any potential cost implications or restrictions for your intended usage of the current weather API.

                Integrating a current weather API into an application typically involves making HTTP requests to the API endpoints, specifying the desired location, forecast parameters, and data format. Spire offers documentation and code examples to guide developers on how to authenticate, make requests, and handle responses in their specific programming language or framework.

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                Specifications for Current Weather API

                General Info
                Service Provider​ Spire
                Thematic Information Current weather
                Features​ Provided Temperature (at 2 m); Dewpoint Temperature (at 2 m); Relative Humidity (at 2 m); Wind Speed and Wind Direction (at 10 m); Wind Gust Speed (at 10 m); Precipitation Rate; Mean Sea Level Pressure
                Access Mode​ API
                Pricing Options Pre-paid; Subscription
                Pricing​ Per number of requests; Per amount of data retrieved
                Free Trial On demand
                Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
                Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
                Geodata Specs
                Mission Spire Satellite Constellation
                Data Format​ JSON; GRIB2
                Spatial Resolution​ 3km
                Spatial Coverage Global
                Temporal Resolution Hourly