21AT Basemaps / LAM

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From 1000€

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High-quality ortho-mosaics and basemaps for entire countries and large areas all over the world, available in 50cm, 80cm, or 2m resolution!

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21AT Basemaps / Large Area Mosaics

Do you need very high-resolution imagery over a whole country or a large area for your mapping project? Then 21AT Basemaps / LAM (Large Area Mosaics) is perfect for the occasion! Since it's nearly cloudless, ortho-rectified, mosaicked, and color-balanced, this imagery is ready to go right out of the box for most countries in the world.

21AT Basemaps / LAM  offer high-resolution ortho-imagery in three different resolutions: 50cm, 80cm, and 2m with band combinations of Red - Green - Blue or Red - Green - Blue - Near InfraRed for surface reflectance information. It is post-processed, orthorectified, seamlessly mosaicked, color-balanced, nearly cloudless, and best of all, with coverage available over whole countries or any large area.

They are updated annually and ensure you are getting current imagery. Archive Basemap uses imagery from the past 3 years to create the composite, while Basemap Plus uses imagery from the last 12 months.

Basemaps provide the perfect backdrop to any mapping or analysis project, especially when imagery covering a large area is needed. They are ideal for infrastructure and city planning, mapping, ecological restoration, and emergency preparation.

Custom options include resolution (50cm, 80cm, or 2m), resampled lower-resolution imagery (from 2m to 10m), date ranges of the imagery used in the basemap (3-year composite, or fresh rolling 1-year archive imagery), RGB or RGBNR band combinations.

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Key features

Access to very high-resolution mosaics at up to 0.5m.

Updated annually to incorporate new images and stay current.

Color-balanced, nearly seamless ortho-photos.

<5% minimum cloud coverage per image mosaic.

4 most common spectral bands available (blue, green, red, near-infrared).

Product data ready to be used without any further processing.

Key applications


Vegetation mapping in complex ecosystems

Canopy density estimation 

Tree counting


Crop type classification and mapping

Layout and design creation for efficient irrigation

Number of plants per unit of area optimization


High-quality basemap for visual reference

Shallow waters bathymetry

Urban mapping


The temporal difference between Archive Basemap and Basemap Plus is that Archive Basemap uses imagery from the past 3 years to create the composite, while Basemap Plus uses imagery from the last 12 months.

More precisely:

  • Archive Basemap is based on TripleSat imagery captured within 36 Months. It has already covered all the countries in this world. Furthermore, to com­plete the base maps of difficult areas such as Guyana, Surinam and etc, old images and multiple satellite imagery data sources have been deployed.

  • Basemap Plus is based on TripleSat Imagery captured within 12 months and is updated annually, or it can be up­dated according to the requirements of customers. As for some key cities and areas of in­terest, more frequent updates on Base­map can be achieved. Please contact us for more information.

The minimum order size is 2000 sq.km.

In case more than one AOI or country is required, please contact us for a custom order tailored to your needs.

The EULA of 21AT Basemaps/LAM is under the authority of 21AT Asia and can be found here.

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Specifications for 21AT Basemaps / LAM

General Info
Service Provider​ MapsGeo
Thematic Information MS Satellite Imagery; Mosaics
Service Option​s Country Basemaps; Large Area Mosaics (LAM); RGB; RGBNR
Access Mode​ File transfer
Pricing Options Pre-paid
Pricing​ Per km²; min. order 2000 km²
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ Up to 2 weeks; Feasibility analysis required
Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
Geodata Specs
Mission BJ3; Superview; GFMM; TripleSat; GF2; GF; ZY3
Sensor & Data Products HR MSI
Data Processing Level Ortho
Data Format​ GeoTIFF
Spectral Bands RGB; NIR
Spatial Resolution​ 0.5m; 0.8m; 2m
Spatial Coverage Over 60 countries
Temporal Coverage 2018-2020; Updated on demand
Accuracy <20 m CE90 at 0.8m