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Provided by Airbus Defence & Space

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Leverage Airbus premium satellite imagery, AI, and cloud computing technologies to extract change detection and vehicle count insights automatically, in a cost-effective way!



  • Count Vehicles service over 300 km²
  • Change Detection service over 170 km²



  • Count Vehicles service over 1000 km²
  • Change Detection service over 570 km²



  • Count Vehicles service over 2250 km²
  • Change Detection service over 1280 km²



  • Count Vehicles service over 6000 km²
  • Change Detection service over 3430 km²

OneAtlas Analytics

Airbus has built accurate and powerful geospatial analytic services that leverage expertise across the industry enabling users to get the information and insights they need when they need it.

OneAtlas Analytics includes access to the following:

Activity Analysis and Monitoring: Monitor areas of interest to gain clarity on supply chains and commodities: car and trucks counting, ship vessels identification at sea, aircraft identification and classification.


Land Use & Change Detection: Understand what’s happening on the ground and monitor man-made changes over your areas of interest.

Land Use and map extraction is also available with 12+ classes: buildings, roads, parking lots, pavements, driveways, swimming pools, sports fields, railway, water, grassland, forest and bare land.

Choose between immediate analysis or monitoring over time with results delivered in ready-to-use formats.

Key features

Get geospatial insights easily and


Activity level measurement through vehicle counting (i.e. cars,  trucks,  military  &  commercial  planes).

Land monitoring focused on infrastructure or land use changes.

Choose between immediate analysis (fully automatic or semi-automatic) or monitoring over time.

Results delivered in ready-to-use-formats, compatible with leading GIS platforms.

Integrate analytics in your own application using our dedicated APIs.

Key applications


Car and truck counting

Aircraft identification & classification

Change detection on buildings and roads


Detecting ships and vessels

Mapping of land cover on the coastline

Mapping of fishing zones


Progress monitoring in construction sites

Vehicle identification in sites

Mapping of land cover for site selection


This analytics detects cars and small utility vehicles.

  • Source imagery: Pléiades

  • Process type: fully automatic

  • Classification: None

This analytics detects commercial trucks, trailer trucks and buses.

  • Source imagery: Pléiades

  • Process type: fully automatic

  • Classification: None

This analytics detects ships at sea. It is not suited for ships parked close to each other in a harbor or marina. The size of detected ships is down to 20 meters (ships between 10 meters and 20 meters can also be detected but with a lower precision.

  • Source imagery: Pléiades or SPOT 6/7

  • Process type: fully automatic

  • Classification: None

This analytics detects carrier aircraft, helicopters, fighter aircraft and small aircraft. Currently it is in a beta version.

  • Source imagery: Pléiades

  • Process type: fully automatic

  • Classification: 4 classes are available

This analytics is trained to :
- detect “infrastructures changes”
- ignore mobile objects (vehicles, ships, etc) as well as natural or seasonal vegetation change. In this fully automatic mode, the algorithm may include a significant fraction of “false positives”

  • Source imagery: Pléiades or SPOT 6/7

  • Process type: fully automatic

  • Classification: None

All analytics distributed on OneAtlas have been subject to extensive qualification testing. This qualification process is based on the comparison of each algorithm results to independent ground truth data and is applied on a large, diverse and worlwide distributed set of test cases to ensure full representativity.
All analytics distributed have reached high levels of recall and precision through this qualification process. These levels are in line with the best state of the art accuracy levels for such automated algorithms.

You can contact us for a custom package of OneAtlas Analytics! Please fill out the form below and tell us about your exact requirements. We will come back to you as soon as possible.

There’s no limit in the AOI size, but there is a minimum charging price of 5km² per AOI.

When reaching the end date of your subscription, you will receive a notification in your email that you have provided to us. After the end of your subscription, your access will be blocked, but you can still use the data that you have downloaded.

They are both OGC standard formats. They allow an easy use of streaming services in GIS tools or libraries. WMTS is recommended by the provider since it is faster: it provides a pyramid of tiles reducing waiting time for the data and bandwidth.

Yes, the service is available 24/7.

Airbus Defence & Space Terms & Conditions apply.

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OneAtlas Analytics
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Specifications for OneAtlas Analytics

General Info
Service Option​s Discover or Starter or Standard or Advanced
Service Provider​ Airbus Defence and Space
Thematic Information Land use and change detection; Activity analysis and monitoring
Features​ Provided Vector data; analytics
Access Mode​ Web app; Streaming; Download; API
Pricing Options Subscription
Pricing​ Per km²
Subscription Period 12 months
Free Trial 30-day
Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
Compatible products Standalone
Geodata Specs
Mission Pleiades; SPOT 6/7
Data Format​ GeoJSON
Spatial Resolution​ 0.5m (Pleiades); 1.5m (SPOT)
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage Since 2016; since 2013 (metro)
Temporal Resolution Daily
Software Specs
Algorithms Cars; Trucks; Aircrafts, Ships; Land Use; Change Detection