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From 500€

From 500€

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Get instantly up to 1-meter resolution elevation data over US, France, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia and level-up your product!

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NEXTMap One™

NEXTMap One™ from Intermap is the next generation of digital elevation models. This 3D terrain dataset is like a virtual site visit, offering more than what would naturally meet the eye by enabling high-precision spatial analysis, both with or without surface features like buildings or vegetation.

NEXTMap One™ DSM (Digital Surface Model) includes surface elevations from terrain, vegetation, and man-made features, such as buildings and infrastructure.


NEXTMap One™ DTM (Digital Terrain Model) shows only the bare earth (all the surface features have been removed).

Both DSM and DTM are ideal for mapping, visualization, and analysis. They are used in telecommunications, geology, aviation, forestry, natural resources management, infrastructure planning, and emergency response; DTM is commonly used in applications like orthorectification, 3D visualization, watershed analysis, environmental risk analysis, and cartography.

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Key features

Available off-the-shelf for regions inside the US, France, Germany, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia

Available as a natural terrain feature digital surface model (DSM) and as a bare earth digital terrain model (DTM)

Budget-friendly fusion services

1m spatial resolution with a vertical accuracy up to 1m LE90

Water bodies and coastlines are flattened and corrected for accurate measurement

Datasets are available through direct download, streaming or via API

Key applications


3D flight simulation

Surface analysis for road construction

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)


Predicting potential landslides

Estimating number of trees per unit area

Modeling water flow


Site selection process

Assessing slope failure and soil erosion

 Line-of-sight analysis


NEXTMap provides the user with spatially rich features such as buildings, flattened roads, natural terrain, and is fully hydro enforced.

The  NEXTMap  One  DSM  and  DTM  are  ideal  for  in-depth  analysis  and  can be  used  in  countless  applications.  These  include  geological  mapping,  3D visualization,  watershed  analysis,  emergency  response,  land  cover,  forestry, resource  conservation,  environmental  risk  analysis,  infrastructure  planning, image orthorectification, contour generation, and cartography.

NEXTMap  One  DSM  and  DTM  are  available  through the standard Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Web Coverage Service (WCS), and Web Map Service (WMS) protocol that is compatible with hundreds of third-party tools and applications.

The only restriction is in the pricing; a minimum order of 500€ is required. In terms of area size, there is no restriction.

Yes, there are. Please fill out the quote form below, including a shapefile that covers your area of interest, and we will let you know of the availability.

The EULA of NEXTMAP One™ is under the authority of Intermap and can be found here.

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Specifications for NEXTMap One™

General Info
Service Provider​ Intermap
Thematic Information Surface elevation; Terrain elevation
Service Option​s DTM; DSM; Bundle
Access Mode​ File transfer; API; Streaming
Pricing Options Pre-paid
Pricing​ Per km²
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
Geodata Specs
Mission NEXTMap
Sensor & Data Products DTM; DSM (Geographic, WGS84, EGM2008)
Data Format​ GeoTIFF; Custom formats
Spatial Resolution​ 1m
Spatial Coverage USA; France; Germany; Malasia; Philippines; Indonesia
Temporal Coverage Since 2016
Accuracy 1m vertical/2m horizontal