NEXTMap Link Planning
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Provided by Intermap

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Quickly and efficiently identify obstructions penetrating the Fresnel zone or blocking the lines of sight between telecom towers.

NEXTMap Link Planning

Wireless network design and the installation of antennas requires an understanding of the best possible location and height of communication towers so that no obstructions, such as mountains, trees, or buildings, interrupt the path between the antennas and the signal.

The NEXTMap Link Planning web app, powered by Intermap, allows you to quickly and efficiently identify such obstructions. Instead of labor-intensive site surveys, using RF link planning allows telecom companies and network planners to save costs by planning and checking the line of sight quickly and easily, without even leaving the office.

The service visualizes the Fresnel zone and determines if any interference exists due to landforms between two planned locations of antennas or telecoms towers. NEXTMap Link Planning is especially beneficial for any user in the telecommunications industry, like mobile, TV, broadband, radio, and emergency service providers, using terrain profiles for the line of sight and microwave link design for new towers and upgrading existing networks coverage.

With the increase in frequency and bandwidth in RF radio links, accurate elevation data sets with great spatial detail, global coverage, and excellent vertical accuracy are required. Intermap’s data provides a solid foundation for link planning as it is seamless, uniform, and void-free. The elevation dataset is created using Intermap’s strict quality management process and provides the user with spatially rich features such as buildings, flattened roads, and natural terrain. It is available globally and is ready for use in your network planning.

Using the web app NEXTMap Link Planning, you can leverage the best available NEXTMap datasets to assess their point-to-point microwave and millimeter-wave wireless products. Online access takes data management out of your hands and allows your focus to find your customers' right hardware and location.

Key features

Worldwide coverage.

Data are hosted in the cloud ensuring accessibility from all devices.

Enhanced spatial detail and reliability of link profiles with the aggregation of building models.

Pay only for the data you need and for the

profiles you use.

Includes propagation loss calculation

customized to your antenna frequency.

Intermap has 10 years of experience building

web applications for Telecom.

Key applications


Locations and spacing modeling of tower network

    Line-of-sight analysis

Microwave link planning


Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)

Line-of-sight analysis

Surface analysis for road construction


When you purchase a NEXTMap Link Planning subscription, you purchase a license to use it for 1, 6 or 12 months, depending on the plan. Before the license expires, we will notify you in order to manually renew your subscription.

The profiles expire after the subscription period.

Larger profile quantities are available with additional volume discounts on request. License restrictions may apply for risk assessment applications.

NEXTMap Link Planning leverages the best available NEXTMap elevation datasets. Furthermore, the inclusion of buildings in the latest NEXTMap One product line ensures customer applications can be reliably modeled.

Find here which NEXTMap datasets are available over your area of interest.

After your purchase, we will prepare the order and inform you via email step by step on how to access the web application using the provided credentials.

The EULA of NEXTMAP Link Planning is under the authority of Intermap and can be found here.

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Specifications for NEXTMap Link Planning

General Info
Service Provider​ Intermap
Thematic Information Line of Sight; Microwave link planning; Telecommunications
Features​ Provided data, analytics, consumption dashboard
Access Mode​ Web app
Pricing Options Subscription
Pricing​ Per package / Subscription period
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ 1 business day after payment
Compatible products Standalone
Geodata Specs
Mission NEXTMap
Sensor & Data Products Multiple sensors; DSM; DTM
Data Format​ KML (Google Earth optimized);CSV;PNG
Spatial Resolution​ Up to 1 m posted
Spatial Coverage Global (depends on dataset)
Temporal Coverage Varies by region
Temporal Resolution Yearly
Accuracy Up to 1 m vertical (LE90); up to 3.5 m horizontal (CE90)
Software Specs
Algorithms Terrain profile