Historical Weather API

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Provided by Spire

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Access 30+ years of historical weather data, available anywhere on the planet in uniform gridded resolution.

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                Historical Weather API

                Spire’s Historical Weather API offers access to a vast database of 30 years of historical weather data. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of industries and researchers, this API provides a wealth of information on past weather conditions at any specific location.

                With Spire’s 30 years of historical weather data, users can retrieve accurate and detailed records of temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind patterns, and other meteorological variables for specific dates or time periods. Whether it’s for climate studies, trend analysis, risk assessment, or historical research, the Spire Historical Weather API empowers users with valuable insights into past weather patterns, helping them make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of our planet’s climatic behavior.

                Some general information for Spire's Historical Weather API:


                Core Variables

                Dew point Temperature
                Relative Humidity
                Wind Speed & Direction
                Wind Gust Speed
                Maximum Wind Gust Speed
                Mean sea-level pressure
                Total Precipitation
                Min and Max temperature
                Cloud cover

                Agriculture Variables

                Skin Temperature
                Specific Humidity
                Soil Moisture (0-7cm, 7-28cm, 28-100cm, 100-289cm)
                Soil Temperature (0-7cm, 7-28cm, 28-100cm, 100-289cm)
                Latent Heat Flux
                Sensible Heat Flux

                Radiation Variables

                Incoming Shortwave Radiation
                Incoming Longwave Radiation
                Outgoing Shortwave Radiation
                Outgoing Longwave Radiation
                Outgoing Longwave Radiation (top of atmosphere)

                Invariant Fields (Land) 

                Soil Type
                Low Vegetation Cover
                Type of Low Vegetation
                High Vegetarian Cover
                Type of High Vegetation
                Terrain height
                Precipitation Variables
                Precipitation Type
                Maximum Precipitation Rate
                Total Snowfall
                Snow Depth
                Thunderstorm Variables
                Renewable Energy Variables
                100m Wind Speed
                100m Wind Direction
                Other Variables
                Surface pressure
                Maritime Variables
                Sea Surface Temperature
                Total Waves (Combining swell and wind waves):
                - Significant Height
                - Mean Direction
                - Mean Period
                Maximum Wave Height
                Sea Ice Fraction
                Maritime Waves Variables
                Wind Waves and Total Swell Waves:
                - Significant Height
                - Mean Direction
                - Mean Period
                Maritime Swell Waves Variables
                Swell Waves Partition 1 and 2:
                - Significant Height
                - Mean Direction
                - Mean Period
                Invariant Fields (Sea)
                Land-Sea Mask
                Ocean Depth (Model Bathymetry)

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                Key features

                30+ years global gridded data set

                One data point every hour

                Collected from Spire's constellation of 100+ satellites

                Quick access, easy to use

                Ensured format compatibility

                Designed for AI and predictive analytics

                Key applications


                Crop Yield Analysis

                Risk Assessment and Insurance

                Climate Change Studies


                Planning and Design

                Risk Assessment and Resilience Planning

                Maintenance and Asset Management


                Vessel Routing and Navigation

                Port Operations and Planning

                Climate and Environmental Research


                A historic weather API is an application programming interface that provides access to historical weather data. It allows developers to retrieve weather information for specific dates, locations, and time ranges, enabling them to analyze past weather patterns and conditions.

                Historical weather APIs can provide a wide range of data, including temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, and more. Some APIs may also offer additional information such as solar radiation, snowfall, or air quality indexes.

                The availability of historical weather data varies depending on the API provider. Some APIs offer data going back several decades, while others may have more limited historical coverage. Ask us to check Spire’s API documentation to understand the specific time range available for historical data retrieval.

                The accuracy of historical weather data depends on the source and methodology used for data collection and processing. Spire strives to offer high-quality and reliable data based on various sources, including weather stations, satellite observations, and numerical weather prediction models. However, it’s important to note that historical weather data may have inherent limitations and uncertainties, especially for older or less well-documented periods.

                Most historic weather APIs cover a wide range of locations globally. However, the availability and level of detail may vary depending on the geographic coverage provided by the API provider. It’s recommended to check Spire’s API documentation to ensure that the desired location is supported fully.

                API providers may have usage limits or pricing structures based on factors such as the number of requests made, the amount of data retrieved, or the level of service required (e.g., free tier, paid subscription). It’s important to contact us to review Spire’s pricing and usage policies to understand any potential cost implications or restrictions for your intended usage of the historic weather API.

                Integrating a historic weather API into your application typically involves making HTTP requests to the API endpoints, specifying the desired parameters such as location, date, and data format. Spire provides documentation and code examples to guide developers on how to authenticate, make requests, and handle responses in their specific programming language or framework.

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                Historical Weather API
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                Specifications for Historical Weather API

                General Info
                Service Provider​ Spire
                Thematic Information Historical weather
                Features​ Provided Temperature; Dew Point Temperature; Relative Humidity; Wind Speed and Direction; Wind Gust Speed; Total Precipitation; Min and Max temperature; Soil Moisture; Soil Temperature; Latent Heat Flux; Radiation Variables; Low Vegetation Cover; Soil Type; Terrain Height; Precipitation Variables; Surface Pressure; Maritime Variables;Land-Sea Mask; Ocean Depth
                Access Mode​ API
                Pricing Options Pre-paid; Subscription
                Pricing​ Per number of requests; Per amount of data retrieved
                Free Trial On demand
                Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
                Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
                Geodata Specs
                Mission Spire Satellite Constellation
                Data Format​ JSON; GRIB2; CSV
                Spatial Resolution​ 3km
                Spatial Coverage Global
                Temporal Coverage Since 1990
                Temporal Resolution Hourly