May 2023
Featured product: Hexagon Pixel Delivery

Hexagon Pixel Delivery

provided by Hexagon

Keep your high-resolution data locally with Hexagon Pixel Delivery! Very high-resolution multispectral imagery, elevation datasets, as well as stereo imagery, can all be instantly accessed through Hexagon Pixel Delivery.

With availability over the United States, Europe, and some parts of Canada and up to 40cm spatial resolution, these datasets are ideal for extracting features with A.I. and machine learning algorithms within your company's pipelines or creating analytics reports for the Agriculture, Oil&Gas, and Infrastructure markets.

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Ideal as a background for your desktop or laptop's screen! Download for free the May calendar page at a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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For those that are in favor of printed calendars, here is a May page for you! Designed for an A4 size page, you can download it for free, print it on an A4 (or smaller) paper, and let it be a what-day-is-it-consultant in your office.

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Always on the move? Then we have an option for you, too! Download our mobile-sized version for free and have the calendar always on screen. 

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