Cloudeo upgrades its geo marketplace spectrum of products with drone data from GLOBHE

Introducing drone data as part of the Cloudeo geospatial products is a major step towards providing solutions that meet the state-of-the-art needs of today’s businesses. Together with GLOBHE, a platform with hundreds of on-demand drone datasets, Cloudeo proudly expands its geospatial products offered through Cloudeo marketplace, beyond satellite and aerial.  

Earth Observation data helps businesses to monitor remote areas of interest, like croplands, forests, coastal and inland water areas, as well as their assets, such as buildings, vessels, and aircrafts in a cost-effective and effortless way. By aggregating satellite imagery and drone data into their daily operations, companies can take direct action to mitigate risks, plan their operations, and estimate projections for the future.

GLOBHE, a drone-as-a-service company, and Cloudeo, the one-stop shop for geospatial solutions, signed a partnership contract on 17/02/2023. This partnership between the two Earth Observation companies generates both commercial and technical benefits. Crowddroning by GLOBHE is the first-ever platform connecting over 6500 local drone operators in 131 countries to global clients, providing drone imagery of up to 1cm (about 0.39 in) pixel resolution. The onboarding of GLOBHE in the Cloudeo marketplace will make it possible to reach new clients and penetrate new industries and markets that require ultrahigh-resolution drone imagery for the smooth operation of their activities. This will be achieved since Cloudeo, leveraging its deep experience and heritage in the Earth Observation market, will provide easy access and publicity to GLOBHE Crowddroning services in the geospatial community. Furthermore, GLOBHE will enrich Cloudeo’s partner product portfolio by offering globally unique ultra-high-resolution data at the millimeter scale to customers, revolutionizing the Earth Observation industry. 

Find here all GLOBHE products that will take your project to another level!

Technical-wise, cloudeo will use its vast geospatial partner ecosystem to integrate GLOBHE drone data and services into the workflows and applications of users that need drone imagery. As a last highlight of the partnership between GLOBHE and Cloudeo, Cloudeo aims to integrate GLOBHE data and services in answr, the API-based platform focused on delivering risk analytics, forecasting, and near real-time damage assessment globally. GLOBHE’s experience in drone operations and ultra-high-resolution data collection will help Cloudeo enhance the quality and accuracy of the insights provided by answr, including flood, wildfires, drought, hail, and other hazards monitoring. 

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