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From 300€

From 300€

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Provided by Satellogic

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Multispectral imagery with sub-meter resolutions, perfect for high-frequency changes monitoring of infrastructure and natural environment.

Archive Ordering



  • Already available imagery from Satellogic catalogue
  • Delivery within 12-24 hours from the order

Standard Tasking



  • Task a satellite for new image acquisitions
  • Delivery within 1 month

Priority Tasking



  • Task a satellite for new image acquisitions
  • Delivery within 1 week

Rush Tasking



  • Task a satellite for new image acquisitions
  • Delivery within 1 day

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Satellogic - Multispectral 

Satellogic designs, builds and operates its own fleet of Earth observation satellites, the Aleph-1 constellation. Its aim is to frequently collect affordable high-resolution imagery for decision-making in a broad range of industrial, environmental and government applications.

Satellogic’s multispectral cameras collect sub-meter imagery data at an altitude of around 475 km. Its 4 multispectral bands (red, green, blue, near-IR) are delivered ortho-rectified and GIS-ready.


SuperResolution enhances the spatial resolution of our multispectral imagery to 70 cm using proprietary processing techniques. This improves the clarity of the original image without disrupting the integrity of radiometric values—creating a product optimized for machine learning and AI applications.

Two different processing levels are available for ordering:

  • Level 1, suitable for advanced analytics based on radiometric values

  • Level 3, ideal for basemaps, visual interpretation, and basic analytics

Both levels are corrected for sensor and optical effects, and for terrain distortion. 

Some general information for Satellogic's Multispectral imagery:


Spectral bands

Blue: 450 - 510 nm
Green: 510 - 580 nm
Red: 590 - 690 nm
Near-IR: 750 - 900 nm

Spatial resolution

0.99 m (native resolution) delivered as 1 m

SuperResolution @ 70cm

Radiometric resolution

16bit (Level 1)
8bit (Level 3)

Geometric precision 

10m CE90

Revisit time

Swath width5km


Key features

Optical and Near Infrared imagery at spatial resolution of 1m

Patented technology delivers multispectral imagery at sub-meter resolution (70cm)

Frequent remapping of areas of interest

Capture any area or point of interest around the world 

High-resolution imagery at the industry’s most competitive price point

Up to 4 daily revisits of any point of interest

Key applications


Monitor multiple production fields simultaneously

Improve fertilization and irrigation scheduling

Timely accurate assessment of flood extent and damage


Detect hazards in proximity of oil and gas pipelines

Monitor production infrastructure

Environmental compliance


Operations monitoring (harvesting, pruning and thinning)

Market intelligence at a regional to global scale

Wildfire & risk management


Satellogic - Multispectral orders should be at least 50 for Standard, Priority and Rush Tasking.

No order size limitation is applied for Archive Ordering.

The Terms and Conditions of Purchase of Satellogic products can be found here.

The Terms of Use of Satellogic Imagery can be found here.

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Specifications for Satellogic - Multispectral

General Info
Service Provider​ Satellogic
Thematic Information Multispectral Satellite Imagery
Service Option​s RGBNIR; Archive; Standard Tasking; Priority Tasking; Rush Tasking
Features​ Provided Ortho-rectified GIS-Ready
Access Mode​ Satellogic Platform; Download; API; Cloud
Pricing Options Pre-paid
Pricing​ Per km²; min. order 50 km² for Tasking; Private delivery on demand
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ From 1 business day depending on Archive or Tasking options
Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
Geodata Specs
Mission NewSat
Sensor & Data Products HR MSI
Data Processing Level Standard (L1) Ortho - TOA Reflectance; Visual (L3) Ortho
Data Format​ GeoTIFF 8 OR 16 bits; UTM/WGS84; LZW lossless data compression
Spectral Bands RGB; NIR
Spatial Resolution​ 70cm (SuperResolution); 1m; 5 km Swath Width
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage Since 2020
Temporal Resolution Sub-daily
Accuracy 10 m CE90