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From 500€

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Start leveraging deep learning to identify roads, buildings, silo bags and well pads from Planet imagery on a global scale!

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Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds

Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds leverage machine learning and computer vision techniques to extract critical objects and features from Planet imagery, providing customers with deeper insights at a higher frequency. Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds can be applied to Planet imagery across the entire globe, from a continent of interest, to national, or city-wide level. Global scale means you can get features and object detections off-the-shelf, no custom builds required.

Many companies that leverage satellite imagery are overwhelmed by the volume of data, which delays relevant insights. Meanwhile, most of the imagery is outdated by the time it’s received, provides an incomplete dataset, and can’t power timely, data-driven decisions.

Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds leverage machine learning and computer vision techniques to extract critical objects and features from Planet imagery, providing customers with deeper insights at a higher frequency. Available for geospatial analysis in GeoJSON and GeoTIFF format as well as time series analysis as a summary csv.

You can select among the following Analytic Feeds:

  • Road detection: Upgrade your workflows with monthly road layers at scale, empowering you to update maps, track road development, and improve routing of resources.

  • Building detection: Get monthly building detections at scale, empowering you to update maps, track construction, and monitor land use and enforce permitting.

  • Well pad detection: Monitor oil and gas development across basins with monthly or weekly well pad detections. Track construction, get land acquisition insights, and streamline operations.

  • Silo bag detection: Get reliable signal of grain production via monthly silo bag detections. Understand supply, mitigate risk, and predict when shortages and gluts may occur.

And some further technical information:

Road Detection
Building Detection
Well pad DetectionSilo bag Detection

Statistical output

Area of roads
(sq meters)
Area of buildings
(sq meters)
Count of Well Pads
Count of Silo Bags

Analytic output



Planet Basemap
Planet Basemap
PlanetScopePlanet Basemap


Semantic segmentationSemantic segmentation
Object Detection
Object Detection


Monthly or weeklyMonthly or bimonthly
CoverageGlobalGlobalPermian Basin

Key features

Get the earliest signal of new Roads, Buildings, Well Pads, and Silo Bags

Understand trends and anticipate changes

Broad-scale coverage & frequent updates

Leverage historical data to understand baselines

Detect anomalies early

Save time and cost with automated change detection

Key applications


Monitor infrastructure and construction

Track urban growth & plan future development

Get competitive intelligence in remote locations


Monthly grain production monitoring

Early awareness of shortages and gluts

Risk mitigation and supply understanding

Oil & Gas

Construction monitoring across basins

Routing of resources and streamlining operations

Early competitive intelligence and land acquisition insights


With the standard bundle, you get one Feed of your choice, i.e. Roads, Buildings, Well pads, or Silobags, along with the source imagery, in this case, Basemaps. Both the Basemaps and the Feed outputs can be streamed or downloaded.

Planet runs an image segmentation model to extract pixels that are roads/ buildings vs. pixels that are not roads/ buildings. Using Planet's monthly cloud-free mosaics, you can receive an up-to-date depiction of road/building locations within your requested AOI.

Planet runs an object localization model to create bounding boxes around well pads or silo bags. Using Planet's monthly cloud-free mosaics, you can receive an up-to-date depiction of well pads/silo bag locations within your requested AOI. 

The minimum order for Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds is 100

In case more than one AOI is required, please contact us for a custom order tailored to your needs.

The EULA of Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds is under the authority of Planet Labs and can be found here.

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Specifications for Planet Basemap Analytic Feeds

General Info
Service Provider​ Planet
Thematic Information Satellite imagery; feature extraction; insights
Service Option​s Roads; Buildings; Silo Bags; Well Pads
Features​ Provided Analytics
Access Mode​ Streaming; API; Download
Pricing Options Subscription
Pricing​ Per km²
Subscription Period 12 months
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
Compatible products Standalone; Geodata
Geodata Specs
Mission PlanetScope
Data Format​ WMTS; GeoTIFF
Spatial Resolution​ 3m
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage Since 2016
Temporal Resolution Weekly; monthly; daily