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From 86€

From 86€

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Leverage the largest database of temporally consistent, high-resolution aerial imagery and elevation data of the U.S. and Europe.

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      Hexagon Pixel Delivery

      Hexagon Pixel Delivery provides imagery or elevation data for local use over your area of interest. Hexagon data sets are some of the most high-resolution data on the market for reference orthophotos and digital surface models (DSMs).

      These datasets are perfect for long-term projects and projects requiring local data for analysis. Because the data is stitched together in a mosaic, the result is a seamless dataset ready for analysis.


      Keep your high resolution data locally with Hexagon Pixel Delivery! Simply select your area of interest, the dataset you need, and get your data delivered fast. This is ideal for users who wish to utilize the data long-term and have local infrastructure necessary for analyzing their data.

      Currently, Hexagon Pixel Delivery data are available for AOIs within the United States of America, Hawaii and Puerto Rico and the European Union. To check if your area of interest is included in the abovementioned regions, please fill out the quote form below including a shapefile with the exact AOI boundaries.

      Products available through Hexagon Pixel Delivery:

      • Multispectral orthophotos: Access high-quality orthophotos across the United States, Europe, and parts of Canada in true colour (RGB) and colour-infrared (CIR).
        Our standardised, homogeneous data set is ideal for deriving analytics and extracting features with A.I. and machine learning algorithms.
      •  Stereo imagery: Create detailed 3D visualisations with our highly accurate stereoscopics. The data set is great for feature and topography extraction as well as creating 3D object databases and vector maps.

      •  Elevation data: Confidently measure and analyse the elevation of the earth's surface and above-ground features with high-accuracy digital surface models (DSM).

      Stereo imagery

      Spatial resolution

      15cm / 30cm
      1X GSD*
      0.25 m

      Accuracy XY

      0.50 m / 1.2 m
      1X GSD*2X GSD*

      Accuracy Z

      -1X GSD*2X GSD*

      What's included

       Two sets of
      3-band delivered:
      - one set of RGB,
      - one set of CIR.

      - Stereo models in sensor-specific format (pushbroom or frame).
      - Aerial images, exterior orientation parameters and sensor model description.
      Compressed LAZ segmented per flight layout (ASPRS LAS 1.2 specification).

      Coordinate Reference
      System (CRS)/
      Vertical Datum

      North America: Horizontal - UTM NAD83 (2011) epoch 2010 meters

      Horizontal - UTM IRTF2008 epoch 2005 (wgs84-g1674)
      North America: Horizontal - UTM NAD83 (2011) epoch 2010 meters / Vertical - NAVD88 (Geoid12b) meters

      Horizontal - UTM IRTF2008 epoch 2005 (wgs84-g1674) / Vertical - EGM08 meters
      North America: Horizontal - UTM NAD83 (2011) epoch 2010 meters / Vertical - NAVD88 (Geoid12b) meters

      Horizontal - UTM IRTF2008 epoch 2005 (wgs84-g1674) / Vertical - EGM08 meters

      *GSD: Ground Sampling Distance

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      Key features

      Extensive library of 4-band imagery at multiple resolutions

      Available across the United States, Europe, and some parts of Canada

      Up to 20 cm resolution or point spacing in the United States and 40 cm in Europe for elevation data

      Elevation data of land surface and above-ground features in raster or point cloud format

      Ideal for analytics and extracting features with A.I. and machine learning algorithms

      Artefact-free and consistent coverage

      Key applications


      Monitoring illegal construction

      Creating a base map for visual reference

      Planning evacuation plans in urban environments


      Inspecting the condition of pipelines

      Planning transportation, logistics, and emergency evacuation routes

      Detection of best sites for exploration


      Tree health assessment

      Identifying forest health threats

      Classifying vegetation


      For Othophoto products, please note that:

      - the minimum order price is €86.00

      - the minimum AOI is 25km²

      For Stereo and DSM products:

      - the minimum order price is €6600.00

      - the minimum AOI is 700km².

      A buffer of 200 meters applied around the original AOI to make sure nearby flight lines needed for stereo overlap weren’t missed.

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      Specifications for Hexagon Pixel Delivery

      General Info
      Service Provider​ Hexagon
      Thematic Information Surface elevation
      Service Option​s EU–Ortho 30cm; EU–DSM from 30cm; EU - Stereo 30cm; USA–Ortho 30cm; USA–Ortho 15 cm; USA–Stereo 30cm; USA–Stereo 15cm; USA–DSM from 30cm; USA–DSM from 15cm; Hawaii & Puerto Rico–Ortho 30cm; Hawaii & Puerto Rico–Ortho 15cm
      Access Mode​ File transfer
      Pricing Options Pre-paid
      Pricing​ Per km²
      Free Trial On demand
      Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
      Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
      Geodata Specs
      Mission Aerial
      Sensor & Data Products DTM; DSM; MSI
      Data Processing Level Ortho
      Data Format​ GeoTIFF; TIFF; JPG; PNG
      Spectral Bands RGB
      Spatial Resolution​ 15cm; 30cm
      Spatial Coverage USA; Western Europe
      Temporal Coverage 2020
      Accuracy RMSE 1.2m (at 30cm); RMSE 0.5m (at 15cm)