An EU-African joint project to promote One-Health sustainable partnership for food security

NESTLER is a joint project between the EU and African member states designed to promote One-Health sustainable partnership. The project aims to bring together interdisciplinary technological advances to effectively monitor the well-being of animals, plants, and humans in a holistic approach.

The Kick-Off Meeting of the NESTLER project was held on 11-12 October 2022 at the coordinator's premises, SYNELIXIS, in Athens, Greece. In this hybrid event, the 14 partners of the consortium, both European and African, were there: Synelixis Solutions S.A., CloudEO AG, Rinigard doo za Usluge, Ebos Technologies Limited, Stichting IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative, Zanasi Alessandro Srl, Agrix Tech Sarl, Conservation through Public Health, the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology Lbg, Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Mana Biosystems, and the University College London. 

From the cloudeo team, Dr. Dimitris Sykas, CTO, and Sara McKay, Partnerships Director, participated in the presentations during the KOM, targeting to introduce cloudeo to the rest of the partners, to present its main tasks and contributions throughout the project, as well as to highlight the key objectives and discuss the next steps together with the partners and stakeholders.

The complementarity between the stakeholders will extend upon the ongoing initiatives from FARM2FORK strategies that have resulted in integrated software systems and solutions. The novelty of the NESTLER project lies in the development and integration of advanced remote sensing technologies. The project platform will develop software interfaces for ingesting satellite data sources along with video streams captured from unmanned aerial vehicles and other IoT devices installed for monitoring environmental and animal well-being. The large volume of data ingested into the platform will be subjected to additional processing to extract intuitive insights with the assistance of machine-learning algorithms and deep-learning network architectures. The extracted insights will be translated into predictive models affecting the One-Health sustainability programme using machine automation.

The NESTLER project will also undertake research activities to investigate the impact of insect protein on the circular economy for the well-being of animals. The project will develop methodologies for edible insect farming which will be in animal farming. The project will also conduct research studies on the impact of animal waste in crop-based farming. In complementary to the analysis of health benefits, the project will also undertake efforts to evaluate the economic sustainability of such farming practices which will lead to the setup of a joint EU-Africa joint task force on One-Health Sustainability. The outcome of the project will result in a transition from a linear economy to a circular economy delivering sustained growth and development.

 In the NESTLER project, cloudeo will participate as a coordinator of the algorithm development for the high-speed, high-volume signal processing captured by NESTLER sensors, as well as of the development of an intuitive visualization toolkit for the extracted information delivered to the stakeholders of the project. Furthermore, cloudeo will be responsible to interface with existing such services and providing intuitive information to the stakeholders on the expected impact of the climate on crop yield via developing algorithms to interpret the remote sensing data sources.

Other tasks to which cloudeo will contribute are the definition of the requirements for the NESTLER platform, the participation in the platform performance tests, the conduct of market analysis and exploitation roadmap as well as participation in NESTLER dissemination activities.

For more information about the NESTLER project visit the CORDIS website.

cloudeo Hellas PC, Anastasia Sarelli 13 October, 2022
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