January 2023
Featured product: PlanetScope

PlanetScope imagery

provided by Planet

See the changes over time for your area of interest anywhere in the world, in stunning detail at a resolution of 3 meters! With a multiresolution optical archive going back to 2016, PlanetScope imagery is suitable for marine applications, among others. Key applications include inland and coastal water quality, coastline monitoring, and shallow water bathymetry.

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Ideal as a background for your desktop or laptop's screen! Download for free the January calendar page at a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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For those that are in favor of printed calendars, here is a January page for you! Designed for an A4 size page, you can download it for free, print it on an A4 (or smaller) paper, and let it be a what-day-is-it-consultant in your office.

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Always on the move? Then we have an option for you, too! Download our mobile-sized version for free and have the calendar always on screen. 

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January 2023
cloudeo Hellas PC, Anastasia Sarelli 21 December, 2022
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