Following a geo-solutions business model

In today’s time, all big players across industries are moving towards the cloud environment, which is helping our planet through higher efficiencies by reducing e-waste.  This is also helping enterprises in enhancing customer satisfaction. Technology adaptation and innovation have helped us to improve the quality of work-life of people and build a new model of geo-solutions business by revenue sharing and renting schemes. Also, decentralized architectures combined with smart contracting are key to efficiently open up the marked of micro geo-transactions.

New ecosystem

Technology is one of the main drivers for cloudeo to fulfill its vision of establishing a market platform. We have seen AI, Machine Learning, and IoT creating a whole new ecosystem in industries like IT and automobiles. For all these industries, adding one more layer of geospatial context information will create a whole new future. Our platform serves as a base to reap the benefits of AI and IoT and build products, services, and applications in various industries.

The evolution of mobile technology from 2G, 3G, 4G and now 5G has always upgraded the way we do things. 5G will become a game-changer when all the companies in the world exploit its full potential. It will open up the possibilities of real-time data collation and analytics, identifying the position of a device through the navigation and providing high bandwidth. Cost-effective communication with and between devices will further allow a dramatic step forward towards IoT. But providing geo-context or geo-intelligence to devices will unlock the real potential of IoT.

Focus on innovation

Besides focusing on communication with our existing and targeting new customers, R&D to create more customer value will always be top on our list of internal investments.cloudeo follows a highly scalable business model. Scaling to the extent that we can make full use of the market potential will also require new technology.

Companies can maintain innovativeness while addressing data privacy concerns. Data privacy is key to fair and sustainable services. Even with data security (through anonymization of data), there are huge opportunities for innovation. It is important for the companies to be transparent, sincere, and offer services to the customers which bring them clear benefits.

Power of geospatial

Automation in many industries may be the main reason why there is a fear of an economic downturn. Nevertheless, the Geospatial industry is helping other industries to overcome this difficult phase by adding new levels of value. So far, we have not seen any impact of the slowdown in our business. Geospatial solutions entering the mainstream industries will provide so many opportunities for improving services to customers, helping also to operate in a more sustainable way. These solutions will also help in bringing more efficiencies into work processes and turn businesses resistant to a global recession.

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Following a geo-solutions business model
cloudeo AG, Dr. Manfred Krischke 30 March, 2020
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