A cloud-based remote sensing data system for promoting research and socioeconomic studies in Arctic environments

EO-PERSIST proposes the development of a single cloud-based system that will allow in a unique way the availability of collection, management, and exploitation of the available EO data suitable to permafrost studies.

The Kick-Off Meeting of the EO-PERSIST project was completed with great success at the coordinator's premises, Harokopio University of Athens, Greece, and was held between 25 and 26 January 2023. In this hybrid event, the 10 partners of the consortium were there: Harokopio University of Athens, National Technical University of Athens, cloudeo Hellas, PlanetGIS SKY,  University of Bucharest, YETITMoves, CloudFerro, cloudeo AG, Finnish Meteorological Institute, and Lund University.

In today’s changing climate is of urgent importance to understand the adverse impacts of climate change on the local and regional Arctic natural environments, infrastructures, and industries. To this end, Earth Observation (EO) is the way forward, as it is extremely challenging to obtain long-term continuous ground observations. Recent advances in EO sensors, cloud computing, geographical information systems (GIS), and the field of socioeconomics provide unique opportunities to promote research and socioeconomic studies in the Arctic. Yet, despite their plethora, EO data are provided in a dispersed and unconnected way through several web platforms and in diverse formats, making their use difficult.

The system leverages existing services, datasets, and novel technologies to a)create a continuously updated ecosystem with EO datasets suitable for permafrost studies, b)promote methodological advances in permafrost studies by exploiting the huge volume of EO datasets and c)provide indicators directly connected with socioeconomic effects to permafrost dynamics. The experimental analysis will also be carried out with the system to showcase its use via five carefully selected and innovative Use Cases, that will serve as Key Performance Indicators of the system.

In the EO-PERSIST project, cloudeo AG will participate in the implementation of the connectivity module of the EO-PERSIST platform to external sources and the front-end interface, as well as the calibration and validation of the EO-PERSIST system. Furthermore, in collaboration with the other partners of the consortium, cloudeo will contribute to the investigation of the relationship between dependent variables related to permafrost consequences and socioeconomic variables as independents such as GDP, population structure, employment etc. Cloudeo Hellas will participate in the economic impact assessment predictions incorporating spatial information, and regional and microeconomic data.

Other tasks to which both cloudeo AG and cloudeo Hellas will contribute are the definition of the requirements for the EO-PERSIST platform, participation in the platform performance tests, and participation in the project's dissemination activities.

EO-PERSIST brings together staff from academia and industry via a series of carefully-designed secondments, establishing a unique fertile collaborative research and innovation environment to promote pioneering research and socioeconomic studies implementation in the Arctic. A strong inter-sectoral experienced research team, of 5 academic and 5 industrial partners, coming from Greece(3), Finland(1), Sweden(1), Germany(1), Poland(1), Romania(2) and Italy(1) constitute the project’s consortium.

 For more information about the EO-PERSIST project visit the CORDIS website.

cloudeo Hellas PC, Anastasia Sarelli 13 February, 2023
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