December 2022
Featured product: NightVision & Video

NightVision & Video

provided by HEAD Aerospace

HEAD Aerospace has launched dedicated satellites for up to 30-second videos and for night imagery acquisition at any point on Earth! NightVision and Video constellation consist of a total of nine satellites, with which you are provided with both daytime and nighttime imaging and video recordings on a daily basis over your area of interest, and with a spatial resolution of 92 cm.

In which applications NightVision & Video can be used? NightVision imagery is perfect to estimate artificial light pollution, to monitor volcanic activity, and to evaluate access to power after devastating events, such as typhoons, earthquakes, and tsunamis. Satellite video is ideal for traffic congestion monitoring over specific points in a city, vessel navigation monitoring within ports, and post-disaster activity assessment.  

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December 2022
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