Cloudeo and Spire Global Join Forces to Empower Geospatial Experts with Global Satellite-Powered Weather Data

Munich, Germany —24 July 2023: Cloudeo, the world’s leading geospatial data and solutions platform, has partnered with Spire Global, a global provider of space-based data, analytics, and space services, to bring weather data to over 34,000 GIS and Earth Observation experts from around the world. 

Cloudeo and Spire Global Join Forces to Empower Geospatial Experts with Global Satellite-Powered Weather Data

Spire Global builds, owns, and operates a fully deployed satellite constellation that uses radio frequency technology to observe the Earth in real-time. Spire’s radio occultation (RO) technology processes over 20,000 atmospheric readings daily and has been trusted by leading weather service providers such as ECMWF, NOAA, and NCAR. 

Spire Global will be the exclusive weather data provider on Cloudeo’s platform, bringing AI-ready historical, current, and 15-day weather forecast data sets. Satellite-powered weather data enables GIS experts to perform spatial analysis, emergency management, environmental studies, urban planning, and natural resource management, among other decision-support utilities. Spire’s listing on Cloudeo’s marketplace will encompass various weather datasets, including maritime, soil moisture, historical weather, and more.

“Through our partnership with Cloudeo, we are excited to expand our market reach and unlock new opportunities, said Mike Eilts, General Manager of Weather and Earth Intelligence at Spire Global. “By combining our weather and satellite expertise, resources, and networks, we can offer integrated solutions that address specific industry needs, reaching new markets and customers. This partnership is an enabler for breakthroughs in the industry, opening up new applications and expanding our customer base.”

The partnership between Spire Global and Cloudeo creates numerous opportunities for growth and continued innovation in the industry by allowing: 

  • Expanded Data Access: The partnership will lead to expanded access to satellite-powered weather data.  

  • Enhanced Data Analytics: Collaborations between Spire Global and cloudeo’s partners specializing in data analytics and Earth Observation can result in more advanced and refined analytical tools. 

  • Improved Data Processing and Delivery: Partnerships such as this can streamline data processing and delivery workflows. This allows for quicker access to up-to-date information, benefiting various industries and applications. 

“By teaming up with Spire, we are expanding access to high-quality weather data and driving innovation in the industry”, said Dr. Manfred Krischke, CEO of Cloudeo. "This partnership represents a significant milestone for Cloudeo and addresses the growing demand for accurate and reliable data, by empowering commercial entities and researchers to build better decision-support products. We are confident that this collaboration will drive growth and innovation in our network of partners and customers while benefiting various sectors and applications.” 

This announcement comes in light of the growing demand from scientists, policymakers, and researchers for more accurate and reliable data to make better-informed decisions. This partnership will pave the way for researchers and commercial entities to build better decision-support products, particularly when integrated with other Earth Observation data.

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About Spire Global, Inc. 

Spire (NYSE: SPIR) is a global provider of space-based data, analytics and space services, offering unique datasets and powerful insights about Earth so that organizations can make decisions with confidence in a rapidly changing world. Spire builds, owns, and operates a fully deployed satellite constellation that observes the Earth in real time using radio frequency technology. The data acquired by Spire’s satellites provide global weather intelligence, ship and plane movements, and spoofing and jamming detection to better predict how their patterns impact economies, global security, business operations and the environment. Spire also offers Space as a Service solutions that empower customers to leverage its established infrastructure to put their business in space. Spire has eight offices across the U.S., Canada, UK, Luxembourg and Singapore. To learn more, visit

About Cloudeo AG 

Cloudeo operates a unique, data-agnostic market platform connecting customers with professional geoinformation services from over 60 national and international providers. The platform offers from ultra-high-resolution imagery reaching 1cm (about 0.39 in) to 3D terrain models, and from thematic maps and other sensor data to software packages for processing. Cloudeo is a solution to a fragmented industry with high entry barriers and hosts one of the largest portfolios of satellite, aerial and drone imagery in the industry. Cloudeo has also developed, an API-based platform that focuses on providing risk-related information on the agricultural domain. Part of the Cloudeo ecosystem is also GEO University an online learning platform for GIS and Earth Observation, with more than 35,000 learners and 90 courses. 

Cloudeo and Spire Global Join Forces to Empower Geospatial Experts with Global Satellite-Powered Weather Data
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