August 2023
Featured product: EarthScanner

EarthScanner imagery

provided by HEAD Aerospace

Introducing EarthScanner: a powerful constellation of 3 satellites (Jilin-1KF01A, Jilin-1KF01B, and Jilin-1KF01C) offering daily revisits to any point on Earth. With a remarkable 150km swath and 4200km continuous imagery capability, it excels at large-area coverage. The satellite images boast an impressive 50cm resolution, perfect for highly detailed mapping at a 1:2000 scale.

These cutting-edge satellites feature a design with a large caliber, wide field of view, long focal distance axis, and three trans-optical systems. JL-1KF01A/B satellites, in particular, stand out as the world's largest submicron optical remote sensing satellites, delivering exceptional high-resolution imagery, super large-amplitude capabilities, and high-speed storage and data transmission.

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Population Mapping from Space
Satellite imagery for accurate and documented analysis: from large cities to remote villages and settlements.