10 Heart-Shaped Formations on Earth

They say that love is in the air.

We, however, say that love is on the Earth!

And in this blog, we will prove it by listing the 10 best heart-shaped formations that exist on Earth's surface, from lakes to ponds, and from islands to mangrove swamps:

1. Galesnjak, Croatia

Location: 43°58'43.60"N  15°23'4.15"E

Galesnjak, Croatia

2. Heart Pond, USA

Location:  42°34'0.12"N  71°23'20.82"W

Heart Pond, USA

3. Heart-Shaped pond, Strongsville Ohio

Location:  41°18'14.21"N  81°54'5.77"W

Heart-Shaped pond, Strongsville Ohio

4. Trnovacko Lake, Montenegro

Location:  43°15'6.79"N  18°43'36.07"E

Trnovacko Lake, Montenegro

5. Heart Lake, Canada

Location:  43°44'27.72"N  79°47'43.27"W

Heart Lake, Canada

6. Lago di Tom, Switzerland

Location:  46°33'1.15"N   8°41'19.80"E

Lago di Tom, Switzerland

7. Coeur de Voh, New Caledonia

Location:  20°56'15.95"S  164°39'30.15"E

Coeur de Voh, New Caledonia

8. Shimshal Lake, Pakistan

Location:  35°12'45.78"N  79°51'52.86"E

Shimshal Lake, Pakistan

9. Gaislacher See, Austria

Location:  46°56'9.05"N  10°57'57.33"E

Gaislacher See, Austria

10. Tavarua Island, Fiji

Location:  17°51'29.00"S  177°12'6.39"E

Tavarua Island, Fiji

 Image Source: Google Earth
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