Elevation 1

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From 5500€

From 5500€

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Provided by Airbus Defence & Space

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Enhance your applications with an elevation data package at 1m grid spacing anywhere in the world, independent of relief and weather conditions.

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Elevation 1

Elevation1 from Airbus provides very high-resolution terrain relief models on demand. Elevation1 is perfect for any areas with little vegetation and/or no buildings. The models are made from Pleiades satellite imagery, with its outstanding agility as a constellation making it the ideal solution for 3D accurate modeling.

Stereo or Tristereo can be acquired over large areas and processed into a smart 3D database to match any of your needs, including exploration, civil engineering projects, and land management. When you order Elevation1, production is tailored to your area of interest.

The model comes in two formats: Digital Surface Model (DSM; a model of the ground that includes both ground and above ground features as buildings, vegetation, etc.) or Digital Terrain Model (DTM; representing the bare Earth elevation, vegetation and man-made objects removed). In addition to the elevation information, you also receive the original Pleiades imagery used to create it. Elevation1 provides 50cm orthomosaic and contour lines with a DTM or bundle order.

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Key features

Up to 1.5m vertical accuracy at 1m grid spacing

Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) are available

Ideally for areas with little vegetation and / or no buildings (eg. deserts, mineral areas)

Weather and daylight independent site access to any point on Earth

Derived from very high optical spaceborne technology

Suitable to HRE10 (E1) standards (military standards (NGA))

Key applications


Rectification of aerial photography or satellite imagery

 Line-of-sight analysis

Site selection process


3D flight simulation

Surface analysis for road construction

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS)


Extracting terrain parameters

Modeling water flow

Predicting potential landslides


Pléiades Stereo or Tristereo pair(s), Pansharpened, Primary, JPEG 2000 Regular.

Pléiades Stereo or Tristereo automatic matching for DEM production at 1m grid spacing. Processing includes manual editions.

Elevation1 package includes the DEM, a 50cm orthomosaic and the Stereo pair.

  • A minimum area size of 100km² is required.

  • A minimum area width of 10km is required.

Product is limited to mineral or open areas with few (or low) vegetation and few buildings. Urban areas are only proposed on demand with a custom price.

The official Elevation1 Product Guide by Airbus can be found here.

The EULA of Elevation 1 is under the authority of Airbus Defence & Space, and falls under the Pleiades EULA.

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Specifications for Elevation 1

General Info
Service Provider​ Airbus Defence and Space
Thematic Information Surface elevation; Terrain elevation; Contour lines
Service Option​s DTM; DSM; Bundle
Access Mode​ File transfer
Pricing Options Pre-paid
Pricing​ Per km²; min. order 100 km²/AOI
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
Geodata Specs
Mission Pleiades
Sensor & Data Products DTM; DSM; Pleiades imagery; Orthomosaic; Contour Lines
Data Format​ ASCII; GeoTIFF
Spatial Resolution​ 1m
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage On demand
Accuracy 1.5m vertical/1.5m horizontal