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With billions of dollars worth of goods crossing the oceans at any time, knowing when your ship comes in can swing time-sensitive markets. TimeCaster™ ais web app predicts ais ship position every 10 minutes and tracks past positions. Users are provided with a near real-time feed of ship positions ten times more accurate than other datasets, and Doppelgangers are automatically identified.

Product Description 

TimeCaster™ is a significant step up from standard S-AIS data, using big data analysis for near ais live tracking that is one of the most accurate on the market. TimeCaster™ harnesses the information of Orbcomm’s over 300,000 transponders and uses Maerospace's big data analytics to process millions of messages per day. TimeCaster™ updates the vessel's ais position every 10 minutes; the analytical software not only keeps track of a ship’s movements, but it can additionally forecast its future movements for the next 12 hours. And because ships might reuse the same MMSI number, TimeCaster™ can help you identify these Doppelgangers.

Explore information and ship positions vessel tracking worldwide with the help of ais data analysis, AIS tracking for near real-time tracking of ships.

Fleet operators, commodity investors, traders, environmental protection agencies, insurance companies, the finance industry, and even regulators – they all need timely and seamless updates about ship location and route forecasting. But even with widely deployed satellite navigation and Automatic Information Systems (ais marine traffic), vessels can “go dark” for long periods. And in crowded shipping lanes, simply knowing the current positions of neighboring ships is not enough: to reliably avoid collisions, the ships’ routes need to be forecast for several hours, depending on the vessels’ size and speed.

The TimeCaster™ ais web app empowers users with actionable information about the location and suspicious ship behaviors, allowing them the time and foresight to act accordingly.

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Start date
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  • Maerospace Corporation

Powered by 

Orbcomm AIS data

Off the shelf 


Update frequency 

Every 10 minutes

Average position accuracy 

13 NM (>10x better than raw AIS data)


Message queueing service (full data access)

Setup time 

1 day (web app), 14 days (message queue)


Please note 

Beyond the standard options individual product configurations are possible. Our GeoExperts are standing by to optimize the product configuration according to your needs. Just contact us.

  • Daily reports instead of live streams.
  • Fleet reports and alerts can be configured to simplify the usage of this advanced AIS data.
  • Special services designed for oil trading are available.
  • External usage can be granted at additional costs
  • A user is defined by a unique email address used by only one staff member. If more users from your company want to access the service, please select the appropriate option and provide us a list of emails. The use is limited to internal use. External usage can be granted at additional costs and on revenue share basis.
  • TimeCaster™ AIS data can be combined with optical or SAR satellite imagery from cloudeo for increased maritime situation awareness.

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