SPOT 6/7 Archive

SPOT 6/7 Archive

The SPOT imagery products offer high resolution over broad areas using the SPOT satellites. An acquisition covers large areas in a single pass at resolutions up to 1.5m. Such precise coverage is ideal for applications at national and regional scales from 1:250,000 to 1:25,000. The archive contains imagery acquired since 2012, ideal for temporal evolution monitoring.

Product Description 

SPOT 6/7 benefit from a large swath, enabling a daily acquisition capacity of 6 million km². The satellites are specifically designed to efficiently provide large-area coverages, making them particularly suitable to serve cartographic and monitoring applications ideally for 1:25,000 topographic mapping. They also have stereo and tristereo capacity, with a daily revisit anywhere. The maximum acquisition capacity of 6 Million km² per day per satellite.

SPOT 6/7 provide a unique solution on the market for national coverage with precision. Other benefits include feature extraction, 2D & 3D stereo plotting, geometric accuracy down to 1.2m CE90, elevation and contour lines, huge coverage capacity strengthened by efficient management of weather forecasts, ultimate reactivity from new acquisition ordering to product delivery, and highly accurate, orthorectified imagery as a standard.

SPOT sensors capture Blue, Green, Red, and Near Infrared bands, at resolutions of 1.5m for Panchromatic, and 6m for Multispectral.

The minimum area of interest for SPOT 6/7 is 100km² with at least one direction of 5km².

Please indicate in the remarks box which date or date range, off nadir angle, cloud cover percentage, and cadence is needed for the archived image. Also, please indicate which format (GeoTIFF or JPEG2000) you would like your imagery delivered.

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SPOT 6/7 Archive


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Delivery time 

A few business days

SPOT 6/7 Technical Specifications 

Ground sampling
PAN 1.5m, MS 6.0m
ResolutionPAN 1.5m, MS 6.0m
Coordinate SystemWGS84
Pixel Depth12 bit
Geometric processing levelsPrimary (no correction)
Projected (georeferenced)
Ortho (orthorectified)
Radiometric processing levelsBasic (no correction)
Reflectance (atmospheric correction)
Display (atmospheric correction and
color improvement)
Minimum AOI size100km²

Please note 

The minimum area of interest for SPOT 6/7 is 100km² with at least one direction of 5km².

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