SkySat Flexible Tasking

SkySat Flexible Tasking

Get a snapshot of your area of interest to discover patterns, detect early signals of change, and make timely, informed decisions. With 15 SkySat satellites in orbit, Planet can scan the globe, imaging the entirety of the Earth’s landmass every day. The SkySat satellites capture images up to 0.5 m resolution. With Tasking, get the images you need where and when you need them.

Product Description 

Planet’s fleet of 15 SkySats provides customers faster revisit, lower latency, and higher prioritization to enable rapid content acquisition and intelligence. Skysat tasking features very high resolution imaging at 50 cm for Ortho scenes and 65 cm for Basic scenes, rapid response and delivery, and a high revisit with collections as frequent as twice-daily on request. The unmatched size of the SkySat constellation and its ability to collect morning and afternoon satellite passes, powers insights across a range of use cases, from understanding the impacts shortly after a disaster, to gathering intelligence in a remote corner of the world.

With SkySat Flexible Tasking, customers can purchase capacity for multiple images upfront to schedule ahead or task on-the-fly imagery over their region of interest. With flexible tasking, you can place your tasks, monitor current tasks, or view past tasks in the new Tasking Dashboard. Easily set up automatic monitoring schedules for your tasks in the dashboard for recurring or repeat tasking orders.

Minimum area of interest is 25km², with at least 2km in one direction. Standard allowable cloud cover is 15%. Cloud cover specifications are also available at 5% and 10% (added cost). Customize your viewing angle requirements in the remarks box. Imagery is then published within less than 10 hours of collection, or less than 3 hours with express delivery on request. Collection area, time period, and other specifications subject to feasibility. For stereo pairs or tri-stereo imagery, please specify in the Remarks box. This product has a minimum order size of €4.500,00.

Please note that this is a quote product which is feasibility dependent. When your request is placed, Planet will perform a feasibility study to determine image availability.

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SkySat Flexible Tasking


  • Planet


PAN 0.5 m, MS 1.0 m

Access Mode 

Tasking Dashboard, Tasking API



Delivery time 

A few business days


Basic Scene Product (L1A)

  • Analytic - unorthorectified, radiometrically corrected, multispectral BGRN
  • Analytic DN - unorthorectified, multispectral BGRN
  • Panchromatic - unorthorectified, radiometrically corrected, panchromatic (PAN)
  • Panchromatic DN - unorthorectified, panchromatic (PAN)
  • L1A Panchromatic DN - unorthorectified, pre-super resolution, panchromatic (PAN)

Ortho Scene Product (L3A)

  • Visual - orthorectified, pansharpened, and color-corrected (using a color curve) 3-band RGB Imagery
  • Pansharpened Multispectral - orthorectified, pansharpened 4-band BGRN Imagery
  • Analytic - orthorectified, multispectral BGRN. Radiometric corrections applied to correct for any sensor
    artifacts and transformation to top-of-atmosphere radiance
  • Analytic DN - orthorectified, multispectral BGRN, uncalibrated digital number imagery product
    Radiometric corrections applied to correct for any sensor artifacts
  • Panchromatic - orthorectified, radiometrically correct, panchromatic (PAN)
  • Panchromatic DN - orthorectified, panchromatic (PAN), uncalibrated digital number imagery product

SkySat Technical Information 

Basic SceneOrtho Scene & SkySat Collect
Ground sample distancePan: 0.65 m, Multispectral: 1.0 mPan: 0.5 m, Multispectral: 1.0 m
Pixel ResolutionN/AAnalytic, Analytic DN: 1.0 m ; Panchromatic DN, Visual Pansharpened
Multispectral: 0.8 m
Spectral bandsR G B NIR PANR G B NIR PAN
Bit depth16-Bit16-Bit
Geometric precision<50 m RMSE<10 m RMSE
File structureGeoTIFFGeoTIFF
Radiometric conversionAnalytic product -
Absolute Radiance derived using vicarious calibration methods.

Radiometrically calibrated to radiance units and scaled by 100 to reduce
quantization errors
Revisit timeNadir: 28 days per
spacecraft, sub-weekly per constellation. Off-nadir: sub-weekly per
spacecraft, sub daily per constellation

Please note 

AOI minimum is 25 km² (Minimum corridor width of 2 km). This product has a minimum order size of €4.500,00.

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