SkySat Archive

SkySat Archive

With an industry-leading combination of coverage and cadence, Planet delivers Earth imaging data at unprecedented scale. Planet’s 15 SkySat satellites gather over 400K km²/day of images which are added to the archive daily.

Product Description 

The SkySat archive contains some of the highest quality satellite imagery in the world, with a resolution of up to 0.7 meters. Imagery is available from as far back as 2014. Four bands are available for analysis, including R G B and NR.

The rich archive is perfect for monitoring historical change and assessing trends with the most recent before and after images available, and for use to train machine learning and computer vision algorithms.

Depending on application and level of expertise, imagery is offered in 6 processing levels: Visual, Pansharpened Multispectral, Analytic, Analytic DN, Panchromatic, and Panchromatic DN. Please see the table below for more details about each level. There is no minimum AOI for SkySat archive data. Please note the minimum purchase price for archive data is €4,500.00.

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Start date
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End date
E.g., 2021-10-22
SkySat Archive


  • Planet

Off the shelf 



PAN 0.7 m, MS 1.0 m

Access mode 

Planet Explorer, Data API, File Transfer



Delivery time 

A few business days


Basic Scene Product (L1A)

  • Analytic - unorthorectified, radiometrically corrected, multispectral BGRN
  • Analytic DN - unorthorectified, multispectral BGRN
  • Panchromatic - unorthorectified, radiometrically corrected, panchromatic (PAN)
  • Panchromatic DN - unorthorectified, panchromatic (PAN)
  • L1A Panchromatic DN - unorthorectified, pre-super resolution, panchromatic (PAN)

Ortho Scene Product (L3A)

  • Visual - orthorectified, pansharpened, and color-corrected (using a color curve) 3-band RGB Imagery
  • Pansharpened Multispectral - orthorectified, pansharpened 4-band BGRN Imagery
  • Analytic - orthorectified, multispectral BGRN. Radiometric corrections applied to correct for any sensor
    artifacts and transformation to top-of-atmosphere radiance
  • Analytic DN - orthorectified, multispectral BGRN, uncalibrated digital number imagery product
    Radiometric corrections applied to correct for any sensor artifacts
  • Panchromatic - orthorectified, radiometrically correct, panchromatic (PAN)
  • Panchromatic DN - orthorectified, panchromatic (PAN), uncalibrated digital number imagery product

SkySat Technical Information 

Basic SceneOrtho Scene & SkySat Collect
Ground sample distancePan: 0.72 m, Multispectral: 1.0 mPan: 0.8 m, Multispectral: 1.0 m
Pixel ResolutionN/AAnalytic, Analytic DN: 1.0 m ; Panchromatic DN, Visual Pansharpened
Multispectral: 0.8 m
Spectral bandsR G B NIR PANR G B NIR PAN
Bit depth16-Bit16-Bit
Geometric precision<50 m RMSE<10 m RMSE
File structureGeoTIFFGeoTIFF
Radiometric conversionAnalytic product -
Absolute Radiance derived using vicarious calibration methods.

Radiometrically calibrated to radiance units and scaled by 100 to reduce
quantization errors
Revisit timeNadir: 28 days per
spacecraft, sub-weekly per constellation. Off-nadir: sub-weekly per
spacecraft, sub daily per constellation

Please note 

There is no minimum AOI for archived data. The minimum purchase price for archive data is €4,500.00.

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