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Satellite imagery

To get a literal “high-level overview” of any plot of land (for example, to monitor long-term and short-term changes from construction, infrastructure, or natural terrain changes), one can either hire an aerial surveillance plane, task a satellite – or get a subscription to ShowMySite.

Powered by DigitalGlobe’s SecureWatch, ShowMySite allows users to select a location almost anywhere on earth and browse a rich archive of current and historical high-resolution satellite images (up to 0.31 meters per pixel) of that area.

Product Description 

Subscribers of ShowMySite get access to the most accurate and frequently updated high-resolution satellite imagery in RGB format over their area of interest. With a resolution up to 0.31 meters, the ShowMySite catalog images are crisp enough to show buildings, the status of construction work, or changes of other features of the landscape in great detail. The service provides highly accurate, orthorectified images mosaicked to deliver a seamless base map with nearly worldwide coverage.

ShowMySite is a great resource for real estate brokers, insurance companies, or anyone interested in monitoring the development of a specific site over time. With ShowMySite, these users may keep up to date with a specific property's history, which may be particularly valuable for real estate purposes, construction planning and monitoring, or disaster response. For some locations, the archive can supply images as far back as two decades, which can be used to determine the status and development of a location over an extended period of time.

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Continuous updates


up to 0,31 m


Pricing / Licensing 

Any downloaded images are for internal use only, but may be used in marketing material. Copyright "© DigitalGlobe" needs to be added within or adjacent to the imagery. cloudeo Terms & Conditions apply.