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From 225€

From 225€

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Provided by HEAD Aerospace

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Accessible price for very high resolution satellite imagery at 40cm and 50cm, suitable for stereo imaging and urban applications!


starts from


  • 4 agile satellites with up to 0.5m spatial resolution
  • 4 multispectral bands (RGB - NIR)
  • Select past imagery with Standard Archive ordering 
  • Order new imagery with Tasking: Standard (up to 90 days), Priority (up to 1 week), Emergency (up to 3 days)


starts from


  • Up to 0.42m spatial resolution
  • Up to 6 spectral bands (RGB - NIR1 - NIR2 - Red Edge)
  • Select past imagery with Standard Archive ordering 
  • Order new imagery with Tasking: Standard (up to 90 days), Priority (up to 1 week), Emergency (up to 3 days)

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      The SuperView (GaoJing) satellites are the first “very high-resolution” Earth observation spacecrafts, designed in China. Apart from two solar panels, they are equipped with sensors collecting imagery of both panchromatic and multispectral resolution with a maximum 60 km x 70 km single scene. The constellation is very agile and operates in four acquiring modes:

      • stereo imaging

      • long strip

      • multiple strips collect

      • multiple point targets collect

      The SuperView-1 (SV-1) consists of four Chinese commercial remote sensing satellites and offers satellite imagery with 0.5-meter panchromatic resolution and 2-meter multispectral resolution on a swath of 12 km. The spacecraft is very agile providing multiple collection modes including long strip, multiple strips collect, multiple-point targets collection, and stereo imaging. The program's main objective is to provide data to be applied in defense and intelligence, land and forestry management, high accuracy mapping, security, and maritime programs.

      SuperView-2 (SV-2) is a follow-on satellite of the SV-1 satellite constellation. It is a very-high-resolution optical imaging satellite. Compared with SV-1 satellites, SV-2 provides higher resolution and more spectral bands. The satellite has one panchromatic band and six multi-spectral bands. The panchromatic resolution is 42 cm and the multi-spectral resolution is 1.68 m at nadir. The imagery collection is highly agile, as the satellite allows multi-target, long-strip, multi-angle at one target, multi-strip, bi-/tri-stereo, along/not-along track collection in one single pass. The satellite is equipped with a set of synchronous monitoring atmospheric correctors to remove the effects of the atmosphere on the reflectance values of images.

      Some general information for HEAD Aerospace SuperView-1 and SuperView-2 imagery:



      SV1-1, SV1-2: December 2016
      SV1-3, SV1-4: January 2018
      July 2020

      Spectral bands

      Panchromatic, Blue, Green, Red, Near Infrared
      Panchromatic, Blue, Green, Red, Red Edge, Near Infrared 1, Near Infrared 2

      Spatial resolution

      Panchromatic @ 0.5 m;
      Multispectral @ 2 m
      Panchromatic @ 0.42 m;
      Multispectral @ 1.68 m

      Geometric precision 

      <8.5m CE90
      <8.5m CE90

      Radiometric resolution

      11 bits12 bits
      Revisit time 
      Daily with 4 satellites
      2 days
      Swath width12km15km
      10:30 AM descending node
      530 km altitude
      10:30 AM descending node
      643.8 km altitude

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      Key features

      Optical and Near-Infrared imagery at a spatial resolution of up to 40cm

      Stereo imaging at 50cm resolution

      Frequent remapping of areas of interest

      Capture any area or point of interest around the world 

      Satellite tasking capability to meet your project requirements

      Daily revisits of any area of interest

      Key applications

      Disaster Management

      Insurance claim analysis

      Search & Rescue operations

      Post-disaster management


      Mining site exploration

      Pipeline monitoring

      Illegal mining detection

      Urban Applications

      Land cover mapping

      Cadastral and stereo mapping

      Water management


      The minimum order for SuperView imagery is 25 km² for Archive and 100 km² for New tasking, with minimum AOI width of 5km.

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      Specifications for SuperView

      General Info
      Service Provider​ HEAD Aerospace
      Thematic Information Multispectral Satellite Imagery
      Service Option​s 4 bands; 6 bands; Archive; Priority Tasking
      Features​ Provided Cloud cover selection; End User licenses
      Access Mode​ File transfer; API
      Pricing Options Pre-paid
      Pricing​ Per km²; min. order 25km² for Archive; min. 100km² for Tasking; min AOI width 5km
      Free Trial On demand
      Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
      Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
      Geodata Specs
      Mission Superview-1; Superview-2
      Sensor & Data Products MSI
      Data Processing Level L1 Ortho; Stereo L1
      Data Format​ GeoTIFF; 12 bits
      Spectral Bands PAN; RGB; NIR
      Spatial Resolution​ 40cm, PAN:42cm, MS: 1.6m, 15m Swath Width (SV-2); 50cm, PAN:50cm, MS: 2m, 12m Swath Width (SV-1);
      Spatial Coverage Global
      Temporal Coverage Since 2020 (SV-2); Since 2016 (SV-1)
      Temporal Resolution Daily
      Accuracy <8.5m (CE90)