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A powerful cloud-based data API that removes the complexity of processing large volumes of satellite data - archives of more than 5 PB of data, both historic and the latest acquisitions are already available!


starts from



  • 70,000 processing units per month
  • 500 processing units per minute
  • 700,000 requests per month
  • 500 requests per minute
  • Additional requests
    at 1.5€ per 1000 processing units (no automatic surcharge)

Enterprise S

starts from



  • 400,000 processing units per month
  • 1,000 processing units per minute
  • 600 requests per minute
  • Additional requests
    at 1.5€ per 1000 processing units (no automatic surcharge)

Enterprise L

starts from



  • 1,000,000 processing units per month
  • 2,000 processing units per minute
  • 1,200 requests per minute
  • Additional requests
    at 1.5€ per 1000 processing units (no automatic surcharge)

Sentinel Hub

Sentinel Hub is a cloud platform that provides versatile access to Earth Observation data in an Analysis Ready format. It supports advanced processing with user-defined algorithms, optimized for on-the-fly computation, producing the result whenever and in such form as the user requires, directly from original satellite data files without replication or pre-processing.

Advanced features such as data-fusion, cloud masking and Batch Processing make the API perfect for global scale EO data processing.


Complete archives of Copernicus datasets (Sentinel-1 GRD, Sentinel-2 L1C/L2A, Sentinel-3 OLCI and SLSTR, Sentinel-5P), Landsat, MODIS are available at a moment's notice. The service offers low-level API access for custom per-pixel processing, with both single-scene and multi-temporal capabilities, transformations, reprojections and outputs to the user defined format (image or array of pixels of GeoJSON for statistical processing).

Data Set Type
Availability Since

Sentinel-1 SM/IW/EW/WV


Sentinel-2 MSI

L1C, L2A

Sentinel-3 OLCI/SLSTR

Sentinel-5P TROPOMIL2

Landsat 8 OLI/TRS



raster, json2000

Additional options of the Sentinel Hub include the possibility to process your data stored on your own S3 bucket. Make use of the Sentinel Hub Statistical API to perform statistical computations or use the EO-Browser to access the data to modify and execute custom scripts or develop your own scripts.

Batch processing option is available, ideal for large scale machine learning workflows, providing the data faster and consuming three times less processing units than the standard API.

Key features

Global archive of Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3, Sentinel-5P, Landsat-8, and MODIS Earth Observation Data.

Access your own data stored on your S3 bucket with the powerful Sentinel Hub API.

Create on-the-fly your own EO products with custom JavaScript configurations.

Query satellite data, inspect results in various color composites in full resolution, and download for offline analysis.

Get satellite data effortlessly into your favorite GIS application.

Time-lapse functionality and time-series statistical info services.

Key applications


Monitoring of properties and crop conditions

Crop type classification and mapping

Cultivation extent estimation in a growing season


Monitoring illegal construction

Analyzing the condition of rural roads

Insights for evacuation plans in urban environments

Identification of wave and current direction 

Mapping oil spills and position forecasting

Monitoring and prevention of coastal erosion


Each request is "worth" a proportional amount of processing unit(s) depending on what data and processing is requested. Sentinel Hub defines one processing unit (PU) as a request for:
    - an output (image) size of 512 x 512 pixels,
    - 3 collection input bands,
    - one data sample per pixel,
    - an output (image) format not exceeding 16 bits per pixel,
    - without additional processing (e.g. orthorectification) applied,
    - the request is processed on-the-fly (i.e. process API, WMS, WMTS, WCS or FIS request).

Sentinel Hub provides the following table for your convenience:

The Sentinel Hub repository contains a collection of custom scripts, which can be fed to the Sentinel Hub services via a corresponding URL. These scripts are related to several applications, such as agricultural crop monitoring, disaster management, Land surface temperature (LST) mapping and calculation of remote sensing indices, and are aggregated per sensor. Find out what scripts are available for direct use in your Sentinel Hub workflows here.

When your subscription is ending, we will notify you in order to manually renew your subscription by placing a new order. If no action is performed, then the serviced will be stopped.

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Specifications for Sentinel Hub

General Info
Service Option​s Basic or Enterprise S or Enterprise L
Subscription Period 1 month or 12 months
Service Provider​ Sentinel Hub VAS
Thematic Information Insurance; Agriculture; Water resources monitoring; drought monitoring; media; land change detection
Features​ Provided data; serverless processing; data analysis; scripting
Access Mode​ Web app; API
Pricing Options Subscription
Pricing​ Per month; per year
Free Trial 30-day
Delivery Time​ 1 business day after payment
Compatible products Standalone
Geodata Specs
Mission Sentinel-1; Sentinel-2; Sentinel-3; Sentinel-5P; Landsat 8; MODIS
Sensor & Data Products SM (S1); IM; EW; WV; MSI; OLCI; SLSTR; TROPOMI; OLI/TIRS (L8); MCD43A4 (MODIS)
Data Processing Level L1 GRD; L1C; L2A; L1B; L2
Data Format​ Raster; JSON
Spectral Bands C-BAND (S1); 12-bands (L8); 13-bands (S2); 36-bands (MODIS); 21-bands (S3); 7-bands (S5P)
Polarization HH;VV;HH+HV;VV+VH (S1)
Spatial Resolution​ 5 m; 10m; 15m; 30m; 60m; 250m; 300m; 500m; 1km
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage Since 2000
Temporal Resolution Daily; weekly; biweekly
Software Specs
Algorithms 1000+ custom scripts