PlanetSAT Basemap
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From 350€

From 350€

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Provided by PlanetObserver

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Power your visualization & simulation solutions, GIS tools and mapping platforms with a complete and up-to-date mosaic at 10 meters resolution.

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PlanetSAT Basemap

Take advantage of a pole-to-pole coverage of all emerged land at 10-meter resolution, processed with fresh Sentinel-2 imagery and Landsat 8 data, perfect for viewing the Earth from global scales all the way down to 1:50,000 map scale. A new version of the global basemap is released every year. The product is updated with recent and cloudless 10-meter Sentinel-2 imagery.

Benefit from excellent color-balanced imagery! PlanetObserver uses advanced technological expertise in imagery processing in order to develop a seamless natural color imagery basemap. The dataset is ready-to-integrate into all your professional applications, from modeling and simulation solutions to GIS tools and web mapping platforms.

Key features

Access to very high-resolution mosaics at up to 10 meters.

Updated annually to incorporate new images and stay current.

Seamless, recent, and cloudless imagery

Pole-to-pole global coverage

Direct integration in your GIS applications, visualization, and mapping platforms

Product data ready to be used without any further processing


Key applications


Flight planning

Real-time aircraft navigation basemap

Flight assistant applications


Natural Resource Management

Water Administration

Oil and Gas Distribution Mapping


High-quality basemap for visual reference

Land use and change detection 

Urban mapping


 A minimum charge for data is 350€ per area of interest.

You can select among three different license types offered by PlanetObserver for PlanetSAT Basemap products depending on your project needs. These are:

  • Enterprise License / Single Site: Internal use of Products on any number of workstations by a single Company or Organization at a single physical location.

  • Enterprise License / Multiple Sites: Internal use of Products on any number of workstations by a single Company or Organization across multiple physical locations.

  • Integrator License: Products embedded by the licensee in 1 solution for resale to multiple single end-users.

Sure! In case you want to integrate PlanetSAT Basemap into your academic project, you can use them under the Academic License. This means that the products can be used only internally by 1 educational Organization, and only for teaching, instruction, academic research, or other educational purposes, and not for commercial exploitation.

Please contact us for more information.

Before purchasing your PlanetSAT Basemap, you can choose to add to your order an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). The AMC is an optional, yearly-based paid service that provides you with a product upgrade every year. AMC Fees are invoiced on a yearly basis at the start of a Maintenance Period. AMC term shall be three (3) years. It can be purchased within 12 months of the initial Product License purchase.

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Specifications for PlanetSAT Basemap

General Info
Service Provider​ PlanetObserver
Thematic Information Global imagery basemap
Service Option​s Annual updates; Global coverage including Antarctica
Access Mode​ File transfer
Pricing Options Pre-paid
Pricing​ Per km²
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
Geodata Specs
Mission Sentinel-2; Landsat 7; Landsat 8
Sensor & Data Products Uncompressed ortho data / S-2 for 30% of emerged land, L8 for 55%, L7 data
Data Processing Level Ortho; Cloud cover less than 10%
Data Format​ GeoTIFF; COG; JPEG2000; ECW
Spectral Bands RGB
Spatial Resolution​ 10m
Spatial Coverage Global incl. Antarctica
Temporal Coverage 2016-2022 (Sentinel-2); 2013-2018 (Landsat 8)