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From 500€

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Access to a high quality digital terrain model (DTM) at 30 meters that preserves the terrain seamless, without gaps, with water areas flattened.

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NakedEarth provides Digital Terrain Models (DTM) that focus on terrain retention while removing surface features. This high-quality 30-meter DTM maintains the input Digital Surface Model (DSM) seamlessly and void-free with flattened water bodies. 

NakedEarth is processed with Novlum’s proprietary DSM-to-DTM generation system. It is derived from the globally available AW3D 30 Digital Surface Model (DSM), collected by the Advanced Land Observation Satellite (ALOS, © JAXA). It is available off-the-shelf for the entire globe.

The Novlum DTM Processing System provides the following features:

  • Proprietary and fully-automated DSM-to-DTM generation software
  • Artifact removal and void fill
  • Terrain preservation (breaklines)
  • Surface features removal (buildings, vegetation)
  • Flattening of water bodies
  • Maintaining accuracy, quality, and consistency of input DSM (statistically and qualitatively)

Input Data for NakedEarth generation:

  • Digital Surface Model: AW3D30 (© JAXA)
  • Forest Map (Univ. of Maryland)
  • Settlement Map (European Commission)
  • Water Body Data (SRTM, USGS)
  • Road network (Open Street Maps)

The above-mentioned input data for the generation of NakedEarth make this service highly flexible and beneficial to customers working in agriculture, forestry, land planning, construction, and more. With instant access to any area in the world, NakedEarth is suitable for time-critical applications, e.g., natural disaster management and flood modeling, as well as cloud applications. Ideal for orthorectified imagery, mapping, 3D visualization, and modeling surface processes on a large or even global scale.

AW3D30 (30m posting) and ancillary data




1° x 1° (110km x 110km at the equator)

Data type

16-bit signed integer


Geographic Coordinates (WGS84; Geoid: EGM96)

File format



ISO 19115 compliant

Key features

High quality DTM at 30 meters spatial resolution

Instantly available & ready to use

Global Coverage

Consistent and breakline enforced terrain models

Easy to use with standard formats and projections

ISO 19115 compliant metadata

Key applications


Line of sight analysis

Rendering of 3D visualizations



Locations and spacing modelling of tower network

  Line-of-sight analysis

Generating elevation model at local level

Extracting geomorphology

Generating contour lines

Modeling water flow for hydrology


The official NakedEarth Product Guide by Novlum Inc. can be found here.

The NakedEarth EULA by Novlum Inc. can be found here.

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Specifications for NakedEarth

General Info
Service Provider​ Novlum
Thematic Information Terrain elevation
Service Option​s DTM
Access Mode​ File transfer
Pricing Options Pre-paid
Pricing​ Per km²
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
Geodata Specs
Mission ALOS
Sensor & Data Products PRISM
Data Format​ GeoTIFF
Spatial Resolution​ 30m
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage 2006 - 2011
Accuracy 5m vertical/5m horizontal