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Provided by HEAD Aerospace

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Study greenhouse gases, air quality, climate change, and map geological resources and crop production by using 320 spectral bands up to 20m resolution and 5 days revisit time over your area of interest.

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Launched on 7 September 2021 into sun-synchronous orbit, Gaofen-5 carries six payloads: an Advanced Hyperspectral Imagery sensor (AHSI), Directional Polarization Camera (DPC), Environment Monitoring Instrument (EMI), Particulate Observing Scanning Polarimeter (POSP), Absorbent Aerosol Detector, and Visual and Infrared Multispectral Sensor (VIMS). 

Hyperspectral imaging means that Gaofen 5 monitors hundreds of very narrow channels of light, focusing on the long-wave infrared range. This allows the satellite to produce images indicating the chemical-physical composition of objects in the image.

GaoFen-5 enables researchers to study greenhouse gases, pollution, air quality, climate change, and map geological resources and crop production, among other tasks. The objectives of AHSI are to address many key science questions and operational needs using remote sensing technology, such as ecological and environmental monitoring, investigation of geology and mineral resources, land and resources, disaster monitoring, precision agriculture, forestry management, precision animal husbandry, and urban planning.

Some general information for HEAD Aerospace GaoFen-5 imagery:



September 2021 (GF05-02)

Advanced Hyperspectral Imagery (AHSI)

Swath width: 60 km

Spatial resolution: 30 m

Spectral resolution:
VNIR: 5nm
SWIR: 10nm

Environment Monitoring Instrument (EMI)

Scene coverage:
24km x 13km

Spatial resolution: 30 m

Spectral range: 240-710 nm

Visual and Infrared Multispectral Sensor (VIMS)

Swath width: 60 km

Spatial resolution:
VIS/SWIR: 20 m

Directional Polarization Camera (DPC)

Spatial resolution: 3.5 km

Spectral range: 433 - 920 nm

Particulate Observing Scanning Polarimeter (POSP)

Spatial resolution: 10 km

Spectral range: 370 - 2290 nm
Absorbent Aerosol Detector
Spatial resolution: 4 km

Spectral range: 339 - 389 nm
705 km altitude

Key features

Combination of Visible Near-Infrared (VNIR), Shortwave, Mediumwave, and Longwave Infrared imagers

320 spectral bands to support your applications

Ideal for geological resources and crop production mapping

Capture any area or point of interest around the world

Satellite tasking capability to meet your project requirements

Part of a +60 on-orbit Chinese Earth observation satellite series

Key applications


Detection and mapping of minerals, rare earths, and base metals

Quantitative determination of soil parameters

Soil erosion an land degradation mapping


River contamination detection and monitoring

Algae bloom monitoring in lakes

Oil spill detection and monitoring


Water management and irrigation planning

Crop yield estimation

Post-disaster assessment (floods, drought)


The minimum order for GaoFen-5 imagery is 25 km² for Archive and 100 km² for New tasking, with minimum AOI width of 5km.

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Specifications for GaoFen-5

General Info
Service Provider​ HEAD Aerospace
Thematic Information Hyperspectral Satellite Imagery
Service Option​s 320 bands; Archive; Priority Tasking
Features​ Provided Cloud cover selection; End User licenses
Access Mode​ File transfer; API
Pricing Options Pre-paid
Pricing​ Per km²
Free Trial On demand
Delivery Time​ Up to 5 business days
Compatible products Standalone; SaaS
Geodata Specs
Mission GaoFen-5
Sensor & Data Products AHSI; VIMS; EMI; DPC; POSP; Absorbent Aerosol Detector
Data Processing Level L1
Data Format​ GeoTIFF
Spectral Bands VNIR, SWIR (AHSI); VIS/SWIR & MWIR/LWIR (VIMS); 240-710 nm (EMI); 433-920 nm (DPC); : 370-2290 nm (POSP); 339-389 nm (AAD)
Spatial Resolution​ 30 m (AHSI); 20 m/ 40 m (VIMS); 24 km (EMI); 3.5 km (DPC); 10 km (POSP); 4 km (AAD)
Spatial Coverage Global
Temporal Coverage Since 2021
Temporal Resolution 5 days