Platform as a Service (PaaS)

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Complete Marketplace Solutions

At cloudeo, we understand that our customers are not only buying our services – they, in turn, provide services to their customers. Giving them a platform where they can offer their services and products to a national or even international clientele allows them to offer their local services virtually everywhere.

To this end, we have created Marketplace Solutions, based on a customized concept that is recognized and used around the world by a large community of service providers, making it the first choice of many trade organizations, government, agencies, and others looking to customize the features on their platforms.

Marketplace Solution – your go-to Store Platform

You can think of such a Marketplace Solution as a completely configured web store, where all one needs to provide is the products and the branding – everything else is already in place. To ensure the commercial success for the services offered by independent providers, this service marketplace coordinates and validates the transactions, and also acts as a trusted third-party to ensure impeccable and consistent quality of services provided.

Beyond that, the service marketplace must also offer a set of features unique to those services: ultra-precise geolocation, yield management (management of price and supply as functions of demand), minute-by-minute availability management, and rating systems for both customers and service providers.

Providing all the features your store needs to succeed, and more:

Store infrastructure

Responsive design

Rating system

Email notifications


Internal messaging system


Administrative Services

Facilitated admin


Order management

Optimized listing creation

Availability management

Marketing services


Marketplace algorithms

Automatic search extension


Tendering services


Seller/buyer fees

Payment liquidation management

Payment collect by trusted 3rd Party

Date-based pricing variations

Min/Max orders

Pricing and reductions of management

Multiuse time units

All you need to do is just send us the request.

Showcase Projects

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