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Cloudeo’s Application Services offer ready-made solutions for analytics and for accessing information in either a web app or mobile app platform. These applications can then be set up to automatically access multiple data sources – like continuously running NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) on Sentinel or Landsat data to determine the health of crops or vegetated areas, or automatically monitoring for disruptions in line-of-sight or Fresnel zones, which is important for telecom operations. Cloudeo Application Services cover four general areas: Digital Applications Development Services; Core Applications Development Services; Testing and Digital Assurance; Applications Management Services.

Application Development

Our services enable your business processes to achieve their most significant outcomes through the rapid development of agile cloud-native applications, custom applications, microservice/APIs, and software engineering. They use cloudeo’s security platform and are integrated into your hybrid technology environment.

Application Modernization

Unlock the business value in your legacy applications, and accelerate your move to multi-cloud, by using industry-leading tools and agile best practices to migrate and modernize your applications.

Testing and Digital Assurance

Cloudeo’s end-to-end testing and digital assurance services enable customers to release secure quality applications quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring your customers enjoy a great experience from the very first time they use the app.

Test Advisory

Cloudeo’s test advisory services use innovative frameworks and tools to provide customers with a thorough assessment of their in-house testing and improve outcomes and reduce costs with a clear set of action plans.

Lifecycle Testing

Cloudeo´s Testing-as-a-Service offering allows customers to lower their overall spending for product testing. The standardization of testing tools and processes increases total effectiveness, while you can let your customers enjoy the services they need.

Applications Security Testing

cloudeo Applications Security Testing enables accelerated delivery of high-quality and secure business applications that lower the risk of a security breach. Our tools and solutions address security throughout the application lifecycle – design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance stages.

Digital and Emerging Technology Testing

Cloudeo’s services help customers roll out quality digital applications. Our capabilities include mobile application testing, omnichannel, big data and analytics, IoT, service virtualization, application modernization, and migration testing. Also, we offer digital experience testing as well as crowd testing, which are ideal for beta testing before full deployment.

Applications Management

cloudeo provides transformative application management services, guiding customers to achieve a no-op, zero-incident enterprise, which reduces risk and optimizes customer experiences. cloudeo helps customers save up to 40% of application management costs by leveraging automation techniques, including cognitive automation and machine learning.

Applications Management Advisory

Our Application Management Advisory services provide customers with a clear set of action plans to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Applications Management Services

cloudeo has built a reputation as a service provider in application management. We have designed a comprehensive catalog of services, which provide full-stack support for all technologies and environments. They leverage truly global delivery capabilities that are supported by the industry’s leading technology partners.

Application Service Automation

Cloudeo´s Application Service Automation offers customers the ability to automate key process areas of application service management to improve productivity, quality, and service consistency. Our customers can either use these savings to improve their financial reserves or reinvest them to accelerate their organization’s digital journey.

Applications Performance Management

cloudeo provides a comprehensive Applications Performance Management service. This service manages application experiences through the lens of your customers, mitigating the business risk of failure through acceleration in fault detection, root cause analysis, and problem resolution times.

Applications Management for Public Cloud

cloudeo offers a comprehensive set of applications management services for the public cloud. The services are optimized to support applications running on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP cloud-native capabilities. cloudeo services can integrate and operate the modern cloud-native applications side by side with legacy applications.


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