RapidEye Archive

RapidEye Archive

Access the rich archive of imagery from the longest running satellite in the Planet catalogue, RapidEye. Perfect for a “high level” overview, the 5-meter resolution and long archive history back to 2009 allow for visualizing larger areas over time.

Product Description 

Planet’s archive, dating back to 2009, provides historical context on your areas of interest and deep imagery stacks for analytics and app development. With the RapidEye archive, users can train machine learning and computer vision algorithms, detect change and assess trends globally, or feed predictive models with a deep dataset.

The 5 RapidEye satellites capture up to 6.5 million km² of imagery per day at 5-meter resolution in 5 bands – B, G, R, Red Edge, and NIR. The image comes in two processing levels- Basic and Ortho. Basic has no additional enhancements and is designed for customers with advanced image processing capabilities and a desire to geometrically correct the product themselves. Ortho imagery has been geographically corrected and processed to remove distortions.

This product is a one-time imagery download. Please specify the number of images you need over your AOI, as well as the archive date range. Please make any special requests in the remarks field, such as cadence, angle of incidence, and cloud cover. There is a minimum AOI corridor width of 10 km. Please note the minimum purchase of €4,500.00.

Please note: RapidEye imagery is no longer captured after 31/3/2020.

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RapidEye Archive


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Off the shelf 



5.0 m

Access Mode 

File Transfer



Delivery time 

A few business days


Processing Levels

  • Basic (L1B) - Radiometric and sensor corrections applied to the data. On-board spacecraft attitude and ephemeris applied to the data. This processing level is ideal for the expert user who wishes to perform their own corrections to the data.
  • Ortho (L3A) - Radiometric and sensor corrections applied to the data. Imagery is orthorectified using the RPCs and an elevation model. This product was designed for a wide variety of applications that require imagery with an accurate geolocation and cartographic projection for many cartographic purposes.

Product Types:

  • Visual - 3 bands: B G R, with color enhancement for visual use and corrected for sun angle.
  • Analytic - 5 bands: B G R RE NIR, with orthorectification, geometric, and radiometric corrections.

RapidEye Technical Information 

Basic SceneOrtho Scene
Ground Sample Distance6.5 m 6.5 m
Pixel Resolution6.5 m5 m
Spectral bandsB G R RE NIRB G R RE NIR
Bit depth16-Bit8- bit Visual, 16-Bit Analytic
Geometric precision<10 m RMSE<10 m RMSE
File structureGeoTIFFGeoTIFF
Revisit timeDaily (off-nadir) /
5.5 days (at nadir)

Please note 

Minimum corridor width of 10 km. Please note the minimum purchase of €4,500.00.
RapidEye imagery is no longer captured after 31/3/2020.

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