EOhopS: EO data hosted processing for science

Within the Third Party Mission (TPM) scheme, ESA provides to Earth Observation users data from non-ESA missions, so-called Third Party Missions, to complement the data from ESA EO missions and to support and build up scientific user community for those data in Europe.

In order to gain access to the TPM data, ESA establishes co-operation schemes with the owners/operators of the TPM and/or procures data provisioning services.

Currently, TPM data is provided to users physically by download from ESA archives or from data providers’ servers. In the future, ESA intends to offer users also the possibility to process TPM data in hosted processing infrastructures. In that case, users will not download the original EO data, but only view and process it, and download results of their processing. In such a model, a number of challenges need to be tackled, as licence conditions of EO Data-as-a-Service, allocation of processing capabilities to users, connections of the processing infrastructure to TPM data providers for ordering and archive access, etc.

The purpose of this project is to gain experience with regard to those challenges and to test user acceptance of such a model. Scope of the project is to provide to scientific users access to EO data in a hosted processing infrastructure allowing them to process the data and download the results. ESA intends to issue an announcement of opportunity for this service. Upon evaluation of the proposals, ESA will allocate users certain budget to access and process EO data in the hosted processing infrastructure. ESA will then redirect users to a web-portal dedicated to this project, operated by CloudEO for the use of hosted processing service and consumption of the allocated budget.

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