CIINDY - CloudEO GeoMarketplace and IPT Poland Integration Study

The European Space Agency (ESA) has funded the EO Innovation Platform Testbed Poland to give with this EO Cloud easy access to Sentinel and Landsat data to researchers and industry. CloudFerro is building up the infrastructure and offers since 2016 access for first users.
Within the project CIINDY studies are performed how a connection between the GeoMarketplace CloudEO and the EO Cloud in Poland can be beneficial for developers and providers of GeoServices in terms of better and faster access to the market and more cost efficient production.

CloudEO teamed up for the studies with Exelis VIS, a Harris Geospatial Solutions company and with Science [&] Technology from Norway.


Within CIINDY-I the first prototypical connection of CloudEO Store to the EO Cloud was set up to let customers order on CloudEO Store a change detection analysis for a certain area using Landsat or Sentinel data.
We are proud on the success of this project.

  • Now anyone who wants to order the GeoService change detection from Harris Geospatial Solutions can do so on the CloudEO GeoMarketplace and will benefit from the fast execution on the EO Cloud.
  • Much more, every remote sensing or GIS scientist developing ENVI or IDL analytics and wanting to take benefit from the connection CloudEO GeoMarketplace and EO Cloud can do so easily and without any extra costs for this powerful software package!

To achieve this goal, Exelis VIS and CloudEO teamed up. Together with the support of Cloud Ferro the workflow was set up and the first integration between the EO Cloud and CloudEO Store is operational.
The customer can select between a multitude of change detection parameters and select his desired scenes from the full data catalogue.
Once the customer orders the change detection, it is executed automatically on the EO cloud. This includes the access to the data.
If Sentinel-2 data are used or Landsat data on Europe, the data are on the platform and thus the EO cloud gives a big time advantage for the analysis. The process can be executed within few seconds or minutes. However, the process also executes without human intervention, if the data are not available, e.g. Landsat data outside Europe. In this case an additional process automatically request the scenes from Amazon Web Services and starts the change detection process as soon as the data are available.

CIINDY - II Onboarding of GeoService Silvisense

Within CIINDY II, the Norwegian company Science and Technology and CloudEO teamed up to onboard the GeoService Silvisense onto CloudEO GeoMarketplace and to explore together the benefits the EO Cloud on IPT Poland brings in terms of easy data access and processing capabilities.
CloudEO uses its experience from CIINDY I to connect the Store through CloudEO Order Orchestration with the EO Cloud of CloudFerro.
Already the basic version of Silvisense, a detailed land cover map, provides a helpful input for companies and institutions in the forestry, agriculture and land planning business. This map serves as entry to advanced forest health analytics from Silvisense or as input for other value adders to accelerate and improve their processes.
Main project tasks
CloudEO presents the GeoService on CloudEO Store and implements the e-Commerce system.
Customers will be able to order this GeoService as one time analysis or subscribe to it as a monitoring service. The pricing is determined by the size of the selected area, the geometric resolution of the analysis, the length of the monitoring period and the detail of the analysis.
Different payment options are possible. In any case direct bank transfer is enabled. For order volumes below 500 Euro payment with credit card or paypal can be selected. For order volumes larger than 3000 Euro, direct bank transfer and payment on invoice is offered. New customers need to pay in advance.
With ordering, the customer accepts the Terms and Conditions of CloudEO. These conditions cover not only the needs of CloudEO but also the needs of the GeoService provider and avoid the need for the customer to sign multiple Terms and Conditions to consume one GeoService.
Once the payment is received the CloudEO Order Orchestration system triggers and controls the processing chain. The customer will find this information in the tab "Current Services" in his dashboard. When the results are produced, the customer gets notified and receives a link where he can download the results.
Project progress:

  • With milestone 1, May 19th, anyone interested can already find the GeoService on CloudEO Store and order it.
  • With milestone 2, July 31st, the full order, payment, processing and delivery chain will be implemented, providing in a fully automated workflow the results within few hours after data availability.