PlanetScope Monitoring

PlanetScope Monitoring

Stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape with a persistent view of business operations and assets – everywhere on Earth. But traditional imagery solutions create information gaps and risk in the decisionmaking process. Planet Monitoring leverages the largest satellite constellation in history to empower customers with real-time insights about places they care about, so they can be proactive and confident in every decision.

Product Description 

Planet Monitoring provides access to the most recent imagery of your areas of interest, at the collection frequency and resolution best suited to your business needs. Planet Monitoring is ideal for crop health management, asset tracking, disaster management, or mapping and GIS.

With a PlanetScope fleet of 120+ satellites, where over 346 million km²/day are imaged, offer sub-daily revisit rates for the highest frequency of images perfect for time-sensitive monitoring. The PlanetScope satellites collect imagery at 3-meter resolution in 5 bands: B G R Red Edge and Near Infrared.

With a PlanetScope Monitoring subscription, customers can access the Planet Explorer app from Planet and see the latest images over their area of interest. Options include not only future imagery but also archive access as well. Customers may optionally choose to download the data for further analysis. To add Planet Analytic Feed to monitor ship or plane movement.

Please note the minimum order is €4,500.00 for this product.

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PlanetScope Monitoring


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Off the shelf 



3.0 m

Access Mode 

Planet Explorer, Data API, File Transfer



Delivery time 

A few business days

PlanetScope Technical Information 

Basic Scene (L1)Ortho Scene (L3)
Ground sample distance3.7 m3.7 m
Pixel Resolution3.7 - 4.1 m3.0 m
Spectral bandsB G R NIRB G R RE NIR
Bit depthAnalytic (DN): 12 bit, Analytic
Radiance: 16 bit
Visual: 8-bit, Analytic (DN):

Analytic (Radiance): 16-bit,

Analytic SR: 16-bit
Geometric precision<10 m RMSE<10 m RMSE
File structureGeoTIFFGeoTIFF
Revisit timeDaily at nadir

Please note 

Download access is not available for archived images with PlanetScope Monitoring. "Monitoring data" refers to data acquired after contract signing date. Download is permitted only for monitoring data. For download of archived images (images captured before the start of your PlanetScope Monitoring service), please see PlanetScope Archive product.
Contact us for custom orders, orders shorter than 1 month, or orders with more than 1 AOI.
Please note the minimum order is €4,500.00.

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