PlanetScope Archive

PlanetScope Archive

Access and download past imagery from the PlanetScope Archive catalogue over any area of interest. PlanetScope satellites capture daily imagery going back to 2016 with worldwide coverage. Take your analysis further by bringing your imagery into your preferred software.

Product Description 

View changes over time for your area of interest (AOI), anywhere in the world, in stunning detail at just 3-meter resolution. Diverse use cases include forest monitoring, change detection, and crop yield forecasting.

Planet Archive is a one-time discrete imagery download. Customers upload their AOI and browse the full PlanetScope Archive online and download the imagery they need. Bring your downloaded imagery into your analysis software of choice.

Specify the number of images you need over your AOI, as well as the archive date range. Make any special requests in the remarks field, such as cadence, angle of incidence, and cloud cover. Please note the minimum order of €4,500.00.

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E.g., 2021-10-23
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E.g., 2021-10-23
PlanetScope Archive


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Off the shelf 



3.0 m

Access Mode 

Planet Explorer, Data API, File Transfer



Delivery time 

A few business days

PlanetScope Technical Information 

Basic Scene (L1)Ortho Scene (L3)
Ground sample distance3.7 m3.7 m
Pixel Resolution3.7 - 4.1 m3.0 m
Spectral bandsB G R NIRB G R RE NIR
Bit depthAnalytic (DN): 12 bit, Analytic
Radiance: 16 bit
Visual: 8-bit, Analytic (DN):

Analytic (Radiance): 16-bit,

Analytic SR: 16-bit
Geometric precision<10 m RMSE<10 m RMSE
File structureGeoTIFFGeoTIFF
Revisit timeDaily at nadir

Please note 

Contact us for custom orders or orders with more than 1 AOI. There is no minimum AOI for archived data. Please note the minimum order of €4,500.00.

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