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PHOTOMOD Workbench - Academia supports the complete workflow of map production, from start to finish, in a powerful, cloud-hosted environment. This digital photogrammetric software, now available as a service, creates metrically precise spatial data from many imaging systems, such as frame digital and film cameras, UAS, and high-resolution satellite scanners. Users can scale their geoprocessing tasks with a discount exclusively for academic use.

Product Description 

PHOTOMOD supports all processing steps of digital photogrammetry with a high degree of automation: aerial triangulation, generation of large area mosaics, creation of digital terrain and 3D city models, and 3D feature extraction. PHOTOMOD can be applied to satellite, airborne, and UAS data. Using its spatial aerial triangulation and 2D and 3D feature extraction, you can generate 3D city models and 3D metrical vector models, and work with anaglyph stereo imagery.

PHOTOMOD Workbench gives you access to the full functionality of PHOTOMOD as well as additional selected packages including 2D&3D Feature Extraction, Orthorectification and Mosaicking, DTM/DSM generation, and the Full Photogrammetric Suite. Obtain metrically precise models and maps from a multitude of imaging systems for tasks in cartography, cadastre, urban planning, environmental monitoring, and spatial analysis.

The PHOTOMOD Workbench combines the full functionality of Racur’s PHOTOMOD software with scalable IT, flexible pricing, and an academic discount. Bring your own data and programs or add premium imagery and programs from the cloudeo store. Software on the Workbench is readily installed and automatically updated. We recommend using the Workbench Standard or Standard PLUS with PHOTOMOD.

For a detailed product description, please refer to the PHOTOMOD Workbench. For more information about the Workbench, please clickhere.

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